Thursday, July 3, 2008

Newspaper Article Action

These are a couple articles that other people have brought to my attention so far today.

This morning, coming down from a nice full night's sleep, I was told by Orrin, Brooks' right hand man, that he saw that the USA Today had me on the cover of the sports section and a pretty nice article in there. That's pretty amazing, being on a newspaper that you can read all over the world! I found the on-line write up.

Click here for the USA Today article

I met The Washington Post's Amy Shipley yesterday morning and had a nice chat with her before my press conference. She had a great story in the Washington Post today too.

Click here for the Washington Post article

I'm very thankful that I have a team that has helped put myself in a position where I can excel and have people recognizing the hardwork that we have put in, no one does it on their own.


Claude said...

David, I read the Post article and thought it was pretty positive. Good to see how you're focused for your upcoming races. And by the way, is the "Orrin" you refer to Orrin Richburg? If so tell him "Claude" said hi. We go way back. Keep your focus and concentrate (esecially on your starts) on running the hurdles.


McLean Cromer said...

Hey that's great. I saw your press conference on the web...good plug for Darth Maul.

Anonymous said...

He survived on 5-pound boxes of rice and pancake mix from Wal-Mart, driving a dilapidated '92 Chevy Corsica, working at sporting goods stores and living four to a three-bedroom apartment where they decided not to use the air conditioning to save on bills.

It always inspires me to hear/read about how others lived off of the bare minimum in order to see their dreams come to fruition. Very humbling.

And I like how you closed your post by thanking your team. As much as some of us think we can do and accomplish on our own, we can't. Plus it feels so much better to know that we aren't in this alone.

Got my DVR set for Friday and Saturday. Best wishes to you!

Nicole said...

Reading the articles and learning about your journey I am not surprised that you are doing so well and even more important you are having fun doing it. I can tell that you genuinely want to make your mark in history and you are not caught up in the financial gain. Coach N

Coach said...

"Do not quit now. Do not put your hand to the plow of faith and look back (Luke 9:62). Let God show Himself strong on your behalf. Then make sure that you give Him all the glory." Coach N

carol mckinley said...

David, we just watched you race from Denver and are amazed at your ability to concentrate in your final race despite the false start!
Congratulations and on to Beijing! You really showed the world that you are for real. I ran track with your mom at CU. She did a fantastic job raising you and your brother and sis.
Carol McK

Anonymous said...

You're so cute :)