Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Got Action

I've been out in Stockholm, finally getting a chance to race again. This is the first stop on my three race tour before the Olympics. I will be racing here, London and in Monaco. Brooks is here as well with the relay team and he will be at all of my competitions.

The last time I raced here was in 2005, my first year as a professional. I had a good result for me at the time, I came second and ran 13.23 in the process. I found a picture of the race HERE and I was leading touching down at 10 and got dominated in the critical zone by Anwar. I am glad I have corrected that flaw in my race.

Robles, fresh off a 12.88 performance in Paris last night will be in the race along with Aries Merritt (USA), Antwon Hicks (USA), Stanislav Olijars (LAT), Serghiy Demidyuk (UKR) and Robert Kronberg (SWE). This is going to be one heck of a race. My gameplan is to just stick to what I have been doing and don't try to press, if I do that then I'm sure I will have a favorable result.

The atmosphere at this meet is electric! The crowd sits right on top of you and the stadium is always rocking. There will be plenty of great results here.


Coach said...

Thank you for "keeping the main thing the main thing." Keeping the focus on your time goal.

Track Evangelist said...

Hey just do you man!


McLean Cromer said...

Hey, do your thing!run your raceand everything else will fall into place.

Keith said...

good luck man i am very happy that everything worked out for you. I wish you much luck man keep up the good work

I am proud of you

Anonymous said...

You have been doing a tremendous job thus far this season. I'm sure this meet will provide a great tune up for the games.