Monday, July 21, 2008

Stockholm Pre-Race

The starlists have just been produced, and I drew lane four for the race tomorrow at 8pm
Stockholm time. I will be right between Dayron Robles (lane three) and late entrant Terrence Trammell (lane five). I honestly believe that this match-up in the 110 hurdles is comparable to the line up they have in the 100 meter dash with Bolt vs Powell vs Atkins.

I am feeling very good for this race, the weather isn't looking very good, but that doesn't really matter. My main focus that Brooks wants me to emphasize for this race is to be more alert at the start and to execute in the critical zone as usual. I'm feeling that I should be able to run somewhere down in the 13.0 range, I will see how the warm-up goes tomorrow. I am going to follow the same regiment as the trials. I'm not feeling very nervous at this time, my emotion is really that of excitement. I am looking forward to racing against Robles and Terrence while we are at our best. The last time I faced Robles, we both ran our most sub-par races of the season, we both have improved markedly since June 1st.

We will see what happens tomorrow night!


datduck11 said...

Good luck David. I watched your final in Eugene and if you keep progressing at this rate there is no limit to your success. Show what your capable of.
UofO Duck

Doctor Bob said...

Good luck tomorrow night. Florida is pulling for you !!

Keith said...

well good luck man you just go out there and do you man. Hell if it is raining tomorrow, they better watch out i think you run some of your best races in bad weather. The time might not be what you want, but a won would be in your fav.

Jose Rodriguez said...

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Rick Paler said...

Good Luck in Beijing Dave, from Rick Paler and Marc Brodnax!