Saturday, July 5, 2008

Two Down, Two More To Go!

Today went pretty much as scripted for us. I went out and won my qualifying round in a windy 13.24 (2.1w) and won my quarterfinal heat in 13.07 (2.0).

Our first round was at 11:30, we left the hotel around 8:00 to get the party started. This morning it was pretty cloudy and windy out and it looked like it wanted to rain a little, but it held off. By the time we got ready for the second round, it was back sunny and it warmed up a bit. I got pump faked something serious by the weather, last weekend it was looking hot, so I didn't pack a single long sleeve shirt! I just wore one that Joel left at the track yesterday. Picture me and picture Joel and just imagine how I looked wearing one of his shirts.

The races I ran today were very relaxed, I just wanted to focus on pushing thru my hips coming out of the blocks and let the rest take care of itself. Of course in the hurdles, you have people jumping and false starting all over the place, so I had to maintain my focus for the start.

Aub, Joel and myself all made it through the first round fairly easy, but when the quarterfinal came around it was a different story. Joel and I were in heat three and Aub was in one. Aub got such a bad start, he was getting killed by the fifth hurdle and I just stopped watching, I couldn't bring myself to watch the rest of his race. When we got to Joel and my heat, I knew I had qualified for the semi, so my attention immediately turned to the scoreboard to see where Joel was at, and that was nerve racking too! It flashed Oliver, then Trammell, then Brunson, when I saw that I was like oh no, but Joel's name came in fourth and an automatic qualifier, so I was relieved. That along with the possibility that it was him with the false start had my mind everywhere, but we all are still in the running to make this Olympic Team.

The semifinals go off around 3pm tomorrow. I'm in the first heat lane 3, Aub is in there as well, in lane 6. Payne, Aires, Akins, Mitchum are some of the people in my heat. Joel is in the second heat lane 7, he's contending with Terrence, Anwar, Wilson, Hicks and others.

I'm feeling pretty fresh, I knew I would though, I know I didn't run all these 400's, 300's and tag back to back 200's for no reason!


Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

Congrats on the National Championship and 2 sub 13 might scare these cats around the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi David

We just watched your final in the Olympic Trials, impressive as always. It was good to see all of your mannerisms on the TV just like we saw in Florida. Good luck in the Olympics, David.

We are all very proud of you,

Team Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

Obviously those runs weren't for nothing!

You went out and did it. I know all those who know you are proud.

Go camp Orlando!

Anonymous said...

Watched your event... You looked great!!

milton said...

David O,

Just letting you know that all of Scott UMC, from the youngest Sunday School student to the elders, men and women, are praying for you and cheering you on. Good Luck in China!

Milton Garlin

Allison said...

Just wanted to say congrats on your victories today!

David Pickett said...

Good work Dave. I'm a big fan!

Michelle Kasold said...

Hey just stopping by to say congrats on today!! :) (even though you haven't posted on it yet!) Good luck in Beijing!!