Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stockholm Post-Audit

I took my first L of the season out there today, but I didn't give it up easy. Robles dropped a 12.91 bomb to chalk me up. I ran 13.04, which is the second fastest legal time of my career, so I'm not too disappointed.

I ran a relaxed race and didn't press. The only thing I'm upset about is that when I came off of hurdle 10, I stumbled on my second step. That probably cost me another sub-13 second clocking and I didn't maintain form in the critical zone by that stumble in the critical zone.

Robles had a very impressive performance, he has run three of the fastest six times in the history of the event. The only saving grace is they don't hand out Gold medals in Stockholm, Sweden, even though I really wanted that diamond for breaking the stadium record!!


Anonymous said...

Keep your head up, Your focus 12.85. Anything can happen in Bejing. Erase the stumble and your sub 13.

Hunter said...

I ran across this page while looking for something else. Sorry about the L. Your form looks great in these pic. You have a beautiful body!
I will have to stop by your page again.

Claude said...

David: Just finished viewing the Stockholm race. Appears not only did you stumble, you were also left in the blocks. Looked like someone caught a flyer! Terrell was out real quick (as was Robles). Think you'll be alright, a little quicker reaction to the gun and without the stumble this race looked like a 12.97 or so.