Monday, July 14, 2008

Mission 12.85 The Return

Another McLean Cromer Classic


Claude said...

David, nice media show. Real sophisticated. If the world didnt know who you were, they are now learning. All you have to do now is win the gold medal! Where are you running next? How many competitions do you anticipate competing in prior to the games?


Andre Rafik said...

those dont sound like my trax

Booker Nunley & Malcolm Nunley said...

This is Booker, Thanks for the support. Yeah I did want the gold but I'll have other opportunities. Oh, Congrats on winning the trials and making the olympic team. This is your time to bring USA Hurdling back to the top. Go USA!!

Track Widow said...

Hi David,

We rode the shuttle with you in Eugene that's the best looking credential we saw all week. We just saw your video, it's great. We'll be in the birds nest August 21 cheering for you.

-Malinda and Andy