Friday, July 25, 2008

London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace

I've been here in London since the day after the competition in Stockholm, the internet in the hotel is pretty shaky so I haven't posted any updates. Not too much has been going on here, my good friend Gobo Speng is my roommate, so we've been catching up.

Here's basically what's been going on:

-Brooks' wife, Betsy, celebrated a birthday, her and the boys are out here.

-Cut my hair, it was a decent job. If you know me, you know I'm pretty surgical with them clippers, but I was basically cutting in the dark and you know how the voltage conversion is overseas, had my hands shaking like crazy. I rate it a 7/10, watch the meet on and you be the judge.

-Hit the track up for a nice pre-meet practice

-Lost my Blackberry phone case

-Dropped my Blackberry in some water, so I spent about an hour trying to get that back together, I'm thankful for the hotel blow dryer.

-My good friend Charles Shepherd hit me up and told me his wife Robina is in labor with their second child right now.

This is the first time I have competed at this meet, I have heard that it's definitely a great one. We go off at 7pm London time. Robles was suppose to be at this competition, but something happened and he won't be in attendance. I want to find a way to be the best, but I believe you can never be the best if you don't find a way to beat the best. But even in his absence, the field is still strong.

Lanes draw up like this:
1: Thomas Blaschek (GER)
2: Allan Scott (GBR)
3: Anwar Moore (USA)
4: Aries Merritt (USA)
5: Antwon Hicks (USA)
6: David Oliver (USA)
7: Andy Turner (GBR)
8: Stanslav Olijars (LAT)

I felt pretty good at practice yesterday, we will see how it goes, I am expecting to run pretty fast, but what else is new.


Coach said...

I was looking forward to seeing the matchup agains't you and Robles. Now I'm looking forward to seeing the hair:)

Kristasphere said...

Disappointed that Sports Ill. overlooked you and your mother in the their current Olympic issue. There's a section on current Olympians who had a parent that was an Olympian.

Love your blog. Light em up in Beijing, kid.