Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You're Only As Good As You Are On Your Off Days!

Is a quote that I take from Brooks to heart, everybody can do it when it's easy, but when the chips are down, what will you do? For those of you that were able to catch the race on wcsn, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I had a pretty decent warm-up, it wasn't great, but I knew I had more than enough to get the job done. Of course we had the customary false start from someone in the field. I came out the blocks on the re-start and on my fourth step out, I don't know what happened but it felt like I hit a dip and my hips dropped. That threw my first hurdle off, which threw the entire rest of my race off. I ended up hitting 7 of the 10 hurdles, but I was able to clean up my last two hurdles, finish in my customary strong fashion by dominating the critical zone once again and pull out a tough win.

My left quad has been tight since the race in London and that happens to be my trail leg, so today, I couldn't get the action from it I was looking for and it was causing my trail leg to be severely late, causing me to fall to the right, reverting to what I was looking like late in the indoor season.

I ran 13.11 (-0.8w), Anwar was second in 13.19 and Jason Richardson ran a strong 13.23 for third.

Like I said, if my off day is 13.11, a Super Grand Prix win and a 14 stack deposit into my Bank Of America account, then I am doing certain things correctly. I hope I got my bad one out of the way for the season, I can't afford a race like that at the Games!

I'm off to Beijing tomorrow afternoon, I think I'm going to catch a helicopter to Nice from Monaco instead of the bus to the airport, I'm going to high-side on 'em! LOL.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Mr. Oliver!

We didn't speak back in the HU days, but I've always respected you from afar... although i gotta say I didn't know how good you were! You have a whole crew of us sending you psychic cheers!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win.


Ms Trouble said...

Congratulations on your win.

Claude said...

David, from a historical standpoint, this race reminds me of Rod Milburn in 1972. He had a horrible race in the final of the US Olympic Trials, finishing a badly beaten 3rd. He used that race as a learning experience and came back and ran the race of his life at the Games, winning the gold! Lets hope this race was the race you didnt want to run when in counted. Good Luck!!!

Track Evangelist said...

You find a way to get it done and now it's on...like Donkey Kong...LOL.

Hey D, I'm sharing this post with the PRJ readers.


Jay Hicks

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Mr. Oliver!! My apologies on becoming a "new" fan so late...Continue to be BLESSED...May God's Grace and Mercy continue to keep you.

M Green

BEAUTIFUL SMILE!...keep doing what you do!

Coach said...

When you can still pull off a win when you are not feeling 100% it definitely makes you stronger mentally. It prepares you for greater things to come.