Sunday, August 17, 2008

9.69.......How Low Could It Have Gone?

I'm sure everyone has seen the race by now, that was one of the most exhilarating runs I have ever seen.

I really would like to know what the time would have been had he floored it the entire 100 meters. 9.4x, 9.5x, or 9.69, who knows. To me, Bolt is a pure specimen of speed. He has better running mechanics than every 100 meter runner out there. The way he fully extends through the hip and his heel recovery are phenomenal. With the levers he has, he totally dominates the concept of the conservation of angular momentum as well.

If I were Bolt, I would have saved the celebration for after the finish because I would have been trying to put that record out of reach on the biggest stage in our sport. At the same time, I love the way he enjoyed every moment the camera was on him, from the time they walked out until his post-victory press conference.

I wonder how low he will take the record before it is all said and done.

Congratulations as well to the two youngsters of the final, who ran entire collegiate seasons and were still competent enough to pick up medals in, Richard Thompson and Walter Dix for their great performances.

On the other hand, your heart has to go out to Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, both for two totally different reasons.

With Tyson, I know how it feels to compete on a high stage at well less than 100% health. I knew he would do well here dating back to his performances last season. It just wasn't meant to be this time.

For Asafa, he is one of the best sprinters ever, but he just couldn't get it done. I feel for him because all of these arm-chair quarterbacks are going to have their opinion of him and his performance, but they aren't out there dealing with all that stress along with the other things that come with being a high level athlete. I know he will come back strong.


Coach said...

It was really unreal! Those guys, Bolt, Thompson, and Dix were so hype! Easily could have gone down to a 9.5 low!

Anonymous said...

Bolt was flying! It was amazing to watch. I wish he had pulled through for the whole race, too, but oh well. Out here in Kingston, JA nobody cared worth a damn. And I really like your commentary; it's always better to have an insider's point of view.

Anyway, best of luck to you. I can't wait to see you and Lolo Jones compete. I will be watching it at work, acting a complete fool!

Anonymous said...


My heart went out to all the athletes especially Tyson Gay; although he handled his disappointment well during his interview.

Bolt and his family seem to possess a lighthearted spirit and he started his celebration early! Bolt was straight clowning . . . he tickled me! lol Congratulations to him!

I was extremely proud of Walter Dix. His bronze medal was gold in my eyes . . . Congratulations Walter!

Handle your business and I'll be sending out spiritual encouragement!

Your fan,
Reality from the ATL :)

fred humf said...

Ohh my god!
usain bolt.
what a character
even if he was not an incredible sprinter, i would still use him as a role model as he is such a great guy!
i mean talk about the jamaican spirit of child out relaxedness!man this guy has it all.
the stride of an 8 foot man, no one anywhere near him and to cap it all of a brilliant character!
This is what athletics needed to give it a good boost and he has done exactly that!
but also walter dix did very well along with richard thompson!
simply an out and out bloody impressive final

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with your blog as the olympic coverage on NBC has not been great for the track and field. Needless to say I was happy to see my fellow countryman Usain Bolt do well in the 100m. As well as the three young ladies from Jamaica who also did well in the 100m. Go Jamaica.

trinesha said...

Oh my God, I never seen such masterpiece before. Bolt ran a 9.69! That is just unreal and for him to be able to go even faster than that is amazing. I believe he is such an inspiration to the younger generation who has dreams like of going to the olympics. I was pretty upset when I seen him basically play at the end of the race. I wanted to see how fast he could really care but he didn't care about the record.

Poor Asafa Powell, I felt so bad for him but I knew he wasn't going to win but I was cheering for him anyway. He was highly upset but took it like a true athlete. at least someone from his country took it home. Tyson Gay, what can I say. It might be a little past his prime. I feel really bad for him though because he wanted it so bad. I run track now and was hurt also going into the championship so I know how he feels. But it's okay because we'll get it next time! United States just has to try a little harder that's all. Overall we did pretty good.

Noli said...

Bolt is AWESOME...but you are right, he should have waited to celebrate. He could have gotten a faster time if he was focused until the finish line. Also, I'm thinking he'll make millions in endorsements...and he'll need the most clean image possible...that means more BUCKS!

lollipop_18 said...

y u really got beat!!! bad .. Wat happended

PMcT said...

I laughed when Bolt won because I knew was coming next. I know the dancing and the showboating would be a part of the celebration because that is just how we Jamaicans are. Its not to offend or show off, its just our way, we are brought up that way and live way. Then again he is the fastest man in the world its an accomplishment to relish in. Congratulations to all you Olympians all of you are amazing and have respresnted yourselves and countries wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

I like this conversation. Thanks for taking the time to provide this point of view. We know you have a lot on your plate!

Anonymous said...

Job well done out there on the track...

I heard you're getting married this weekend.. Congradulations is in order...

Anonymous said...

Did I read this correctly!!!!
You're getting married this weekend!!

Girls this is a sad day...

But at the same time Congrads..