Sunday, August 17, 2008

My mom, Bren and Harold, should be touching down in Beijing at any point and time now. I had a great opportunity to meet Mark Dickens, one of the head honchos at United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS, footed the bill for all of my mom and Harold's expenses while traveling to and from Beijing, hotel accommodations and transportation to wherever it is they need to go.

I headed over to the hotel where they will be staying yesterday, I needed to drop off the tickets to my races so they will have them when they get here. I wanted to knock out all the logistic stuff we in advance.

They have very nice accommodations, I really would like to thank the good people from UPS for assisting the family in this endeavor.

(P.S. I'm sure Bren is going to hate that picture I put up)


Anonymous said...


You have afforded your people great opportunities . . . Stay focused and I'm sure you will continue to be blessed!

Reality from the ATL :)

P.S. Bren is gorgeous . . . probably just shy! She looks much younger than her age . . . She has to be very proud of you!

dave Hasstedt said...

good job in your first heat David!!!! Stay strong and keep the failth in our Lord!! tell your mom hello for me, and I love that picture of her!!
Dave Hasstedt from Gates wishes you well!!

dave hasstedt said...

congratulations on youe initial heat time David!! say hi to Brenda and tell her tht's a nice picture!!! Stay strong and happy and run loose!!
dave from Gates

Brandon said...

Yeah. . .you know she's gonna be pissed about that one LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your mom is beautiful! And you can tell her I said so! I'm not sure how you find the time to update your blog. I imagine myself not being able to think about anything other than my race if I ever had the chance to go to the Olympics! God bless!
Sherri... From nj

K. Fay, Nashville, Tn. said...

UPS is a wonderful company and I am proud to say that I am part of the Big Brown Family. Knowing what passion UPSers have for their job, I am sure your Mother is very proud of your determination and Leadership. These are two qualities that UPS employees tend to always fair well in! UPS touches all walks of life from one end of the world to the other! From Nashville, Tennessee we are proud of you and wish you luck. Way to go Mom for working hard to raise a wonderful son and an awesome job for your Leadership ability with the Best company in the World! Very proud to be aprt of the same family!

Linda Mack Brewer said...

Hi David,

Congratulations on your performance thus far! We are so very proud of you and pray that God will continue to bless you!
Keep the faith and enjoy your Olympic experience!

(Dr.) Linda Brewer & Family
Denver, CO

stephanie said...

MMM, i will let the fact that you went to the wrong HU go (im a hampton alum!!!!, you know james carter (hurdles, by any chance?? same class) anyway, i am proud of you and all that, but lets cut to the point-, ummm u are a tallllll glassa water. i got thirsty just watching you run!! i never did see a hurdle! whew, youre a beauty. ok, dont let it go to your head. lol.

Good luck Love. and maybe think about going to hampton for grad school. no better time than now to redeem yourself! lol. God Bless...and if you see james, tell him "sup!"

Nikigc said...

You have a great platform to share the word... Colossians 4:3
Good luck to you.

what do you do for fun in O-town... or is there no time for that? ;)

Anonymous said...

David, it's a great picture of your Mom. I've worked with her for many years,like when you were very young. We are all so excited here at UPS-DENVER and wish you the very best of luck.

Keep your eyes on GOD and he'll do the rest.

Kathy M.

Kathy M. said...

David, Your Mom looks great, I've worked with her for many years, since you were a young boy. WOW look at you now.
All of us here at UPS-DENVER are wishing you the best of luck.

Keep your eyes on GOD and he will do the rest.

Kathy M.

Shedrick said...

Hello David,

Congrats on you wonderfull achievements to you and your mom Brenda.

As a memeber off the UPS family here in UPS Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Europe, I would like to say keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

David your jealous because Bolt win the race.Maybe if you would stop lifting weights and work on losing those muscles.

doc for jocks said...

Congrats on your medal! Any thought on the success of the Jamacain track team this year?
Ben Pearl,DPM