Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing Update: Day Off!!! (finally)

Yesterday, I didn't hit the track at all for any purposes. I had the whole entire day to enjoy to myself. Here's the run down of my day:

Got up, ate, picked up my laundry I dropped off yesterday. It's about a 12 hour turnaround on the laundry here, but it sure beats hand washing in the tub every three days like in Europe! They do a great job too.

I hopped on line and talked to my mom for a while, they have everything set up for their travels to Beijing on Saturday, I'm pretty excited. I hollered at Aub-Rida for a minute too.

I hit the arcade up with Dayron Robles, we played the arcade basketball game for a minute. I hit the bank up and watched one of the swimming relays with Phelps in it. It was pretty exciting, the anchor leg was a beast and they won Gold. It came down to the wire and when he touched the wall in first, I yelled out "Yes" and everybody turned around looking at me, like look at this big, loud American, typical. I couldn't help it though.

I hit NIKE up with Pate and Abdi, got some exclusive Maxcats in red, white and blue spikes, they are the ones I wear at all the meets, just in different colors. Picked up some more gear, ate some great food and cabbed it back to the village.

I hit the USA v China women's basketball game, it was a good time too. China was down about 30, but everytime they scored, the crowd erupted! I never have heard that much home team love ever. The "Redeem Team" were posted up a couple rows away, the Chinese fans LOVE Kobe Bryant. USA ended up winning by about 40. After the game, we just hopped on the New Zealand women's team bus and rode back to the village and we made some new friends.

I'm back at practice today for a little maintenance work later on, I will get back.

The basketball venue
Game action
Black Mamba
Redeem Team
Pics courtesy of my Blackberry Curve


atropos said...

Hey David!

This is Rami from Saudi Arabia! I just love your blog and the commentary you provide on the olympics. Keep up the good work, both on the field and the keyboard :)

Best luck in your 110M race!

Coach said...

There is a really good pic of you in Sept Track and Field News. Great article. Be BlesseD

Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience, thanks for sharing! Good Luck and God Bless...we'll be cheering for you from Dallas! GO USA!

Anonymous said...

What a great race that was. I was up at 12:00 waiting to see that and when they won gold I almost screamed my head off. It was awesome. No swimming race will ever top that.

Sharise Cook said...

I could imagine you screaming out yes and everyone looking at you. You probaly was looking around to see what everyone was looking at. I know how you feel though I do that alot at basketball games.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are taking some pictures and getting a chance to experience some of the action, especially since the US has been crushing some world records already. Can't wait to watch you break one next week!

Candice said...

Hey David,
Sounds like u had a very buisy but eventful day. Cant wait2c your heats. takecare xx

Sharise Cook said...

This song was stuck in my head, thought I should share.

Hey Tony! I like the things you do.
Hey Tony! If I could I would be you.
You're the one and only tiger, the one and only taste.
You know how to take a breakfast and make it...GRrreat!
Frosted Flakes are more than good...they're GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

lets us see a picture of your spikes.

Rory said...

David, Your fan club is growing all the time. We pray for great health, safety, and focus. God bless and good luck.

Rory and the rest of your fan club

Tamika said...

Hey David,

I am glad you had an oppotunity to enjoy yourself. Sounds like you have a lot of fun. It's great that you have family support, wish I was there. But I guess I will support you for the US ; ). I look forward to seeing your performance.

Natalie J said...

Hi David,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. It's been a joy watching everyone compete, and a greater joy reading about your first hand experience.

Keep doing what you're doing : )

piC twisT phoTography said...

Mr. Oliver,

You are experiencing a great opportunity! Enjoy and good luck, I look forward to seeing you break some records...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Oliver,

Um, you are EXTREMELY HANDSOME and just fine! You are a perfect candidate for endorsements. Good luck in Beijing and don't hurt those dimples. :)

Lynnette said...

Hello David,
Congratulations on your success in Beijing! I see you are a former Angel? I went to Smoky Hill....go buffs! :-) I am wondering if you take speaking engagements. If so, you can reach me at LHOLMES@JWU.EDU and let me know.

Thank you,