Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zurich Kid's Clinic

Today, I had the world renowned Zurich Kid's Clinic. This has been a staple of the Zurich Golden League for years, and I was honored that I was chosen to participate this year.

It was about 1,500 kids at the stadium and the were more than ready to meet us. Allen Johnson, Maria Mutola, Janeth Jepkosgi, Chaunte Howard, Bershawn Jackson and Kerron Clement were just a few of the other athletes that were there.

I teamed up with Olympic hurdle champion, Dawn Harper and we took the kids through a few hurdle drills and we split up the kids in to teams for a shuttle hurdle race. Of course my team beat her team, but we did have a little help, I ran the anchor leg because we were short a kid.

After our individual training sessions, we had autograph tents set up for each of us to sign stuff for the kids. I felt like my left hand was going to fall off, so I took a break and had the kids autograph stuff for me! One of my favorites from my group, Mira, autographed my hand, I took a pic of it.
I had a wonderful time out there with the kids, they are the future of the sport, and who knows, the next world record holder in an event might have been out there and I might have been an inspiration to one of the kids this afternoon.

I came home and they gave each of us a gift, along with a nice apperance fee for the event, they gave each of us ipods! That's what's up.


P.S. I'm not getting married this weekend, I have had a lot of blog posts about that, I have no idea where that came from.


Mimi said...

It's cute that you took a picture of Mira's signature on your hand. Once people start to realize that kids are the future of not only your sport but the world, we'll be much better off.

Came across your blog, good stuff.

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Oooooops, lol, read it wrong my bad. Once I read "married" and "weekend" I just ran with it. lol. I guess thats how the rumors start. Hehehehe, sorry again. I need to have certain things in bold, bad habit of mine, lol. Stay earthy and bleSSed!

Jeff C. said...

What's good man. First I want to congratulate you on everything and I hope that you succeed at all that you set out to do. Second, I have funny question to ask;
If you could pick any female celebrity(actress, singer, etc.) to be your future baby momma who would it be?

Jeff C.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you enjoyed your day but i'm a little side tracked right are you in a relationship??? Inquiring minds would like to know!!!

AstridT said...

Cual era la idea de colocar "MIRA" en tu mano?

Jenna said...

What? You're not getting married this weekend! Are you even engaged. Who starts these crazy rumors any.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

If your not getting married this weekend, then when are you getting married.

shes4keeps said...

I <3 u mr. Oliver!! Hey u should have a way for your admirers to follow you! Like a myspace or a facebook??? Hit us back if u have one

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had fun and I'm sure the kids did. Continue doing the right thing. Thank you for being an inspiration and I pray that God continues to bless you.

ejheat said...

It certainly sounds like you had a great time with those kids and I am sure you were an inspiration to Mira and all of those kids. I certainly know how you were feeling when you felt your hands were going to fall off from all your autograph writing because I can hardly even write much at all from the dystonia neurological condition I have before my hand feels like it is going to fall off. Also, I could have never slept in those hard beds and done all that laundry by hand with this dystonia condition. All the beautiful children of the world can probably write more legibly than I can anymore. It is really hard for anyone to read my writing. So, thank God at least I can type clearly on the computer, but I even get severe cramps in my fingers and hands from typing too much.
I really enjoy reading your blogs. Your life is so interesting and really fascinates me. I will make sure I do not start any rumors about you. I am really excited to find out what you have to tell us all next.
I realy did like the kids signing autographs for you and the picture of Mira's autograph on your hand. Take care and enjoy that new ipod.


Brianna said...

D.O....getting married???????

LOL. wow someone seriously came up with that one out of thin air!!! ok...carry on.

Treasure said...

Awww this was a really cute blog entry...Kids make everything seem cute. lol You're a better person than I am though, because Lord knows I can't stand to be around a bunch of excited, athletic, nimble, hyper kids for more than a few hours at a time! lol... I don't have any; but my 3 nephews are enough for me to know that that's how I feel about children at this stage in my life...You said there were like 1500 of them! WOW...
Anyway on to your "wedding news!" I didn't hear about that rumor...but you know what, the fact that there is gossip of that magnitude circulating about you just means that you have "arrived" lol...No wait, no it doesn't. When they say that you're gay, then you've arrived! lol

GodsPeach said...

....and I thought I was a world traveler! ;-) I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you until I become a pro in my field. I'm not a blogger, but I'm loving yours! Stay blessed; always keep God and your mom first in your life.

What lies BEHIND US and what lies BEFORE US are small matters compared to what lies WITHIN US!

Miss Mooney said...

I got an iPod today too but I paid for mine :( I was lucky enough to cop "The Recession" before next Tuesday though ;) If you like Jeezy it's a must!

Ceccy said...


Ok, when you said Kids Clinic I thought you meant like about 25 kids but when I saw your pic, my mouth dropped love the youngens' :). I know you had great fun, and about the "wedding" comment I paused for a minute thinking nooooo... in a good way of course :) I was thinking to myself earlier, saying I have never really been into blogs but every since I've seen you on the Olympics I was sold and check your blogs everyday...keep being you and God Bless :)

P.S. I think you should respond to some of your comments.

RoyceLyndsay said...

Congrats! Ill let the fact go that you're reppin Howard, especially since we always hurt yalls feelings. Anyways, I just decided to bother you for a second since I was bored lolol. Dont take that the wrong way!

Coach said...

When you do things with a genuine heart people will bless u.

The getting married thing, well thank God its a rumor.

Nicki said...

Hi David,

I’ve never been much of a blogger but after coming across your blog… figured I could post a comment. Sounds like you had a great time doing activities with the kids the other day and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed meeting with you and the other athletes who participated. I experience the same enjoyment [and in some cases exhaustion(lol)] when working with kids in my church and community. But 1500 at one time…I commend you guys! Anyway, congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished. God has truly blessed you with style…grace…and from the photos you’ve shared in your blog…faith and encouragement from family and friends.

Words I live by:
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6

God Speed,


Just a question. While you were in Beijing did you meet and mingle with Sead Dizdarevic, from jet set? I here he runs the show with tickets, suites, and many other amenities. I know they're the company to see for arrangements but I just wanted to know if they also take special care of the athletes.

David Oliver said...

I am not familiar with that person, so unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet him.


Oh okay, don't know if you care, however Jet Set is a company based out of NJ, and they make travel arrangements for fans and have been monopolizing the industry since 1984. The industry as in every Olympic game. This guy Sead basically breaks down everyone and buys out several rooms, flights, and game tickets at super low rates to accommodate jet set guests at premium rates. He's (allegedly)the go to guy and no other travel agencies can compete. Hope I didn't bore you to tears, lol, I'm just an admirer of his hustle. Yours too of coarse. lol

Dana said...

Boy...didn't your chick rating go up after the Olympics!! HAHAHA I kid, I kid...nah, I'm oh so serious!! LOL Have fun with the wedding rumors! It's hilarious how people make things up when a few more individuals know your name! Have fun with that!! =)

Carla Ino said...

Wow, 1500 kids!! What an amazing experience, to impart your knowledge and talent into the lives of that many young people! The kids on your winning team will forever be able to say that they smoked the other teams with none other than David Oliver himself. :)

Lefties are awesome. Not that I'm biased or anything...

Um, your last post had me mad jealous. There is nothing in the world that compares to a ridiculously comfortable bed. Man.

Michael said...


1) good (and humble) stuff about the kids clinic and the autograph...true

2) funny about the marriage rumor - embrace your celebrity status, lol

3) though a lil late in acknowledgment, congrats on your olympic accomplishment...that's whats up indeed...enjoy the blessing

Be easy bruh.

In Christ,


LaLa said...

The children must have been very excited to have you two spending time with them. And gifts are always fun to receive. Enjoy!

Kinta said...

Hi David,

Many thanks to you for sharing in such great detail your experiences as you progress in your career. No doubt your schedule is jam packed and it says a great deal about your character that you take the time to update your blog several times a week.

I do have a question for you; not sure if you're into politics but hopefully you're keeping abreast of the presidential election. What does it mean to you, as a young, educated, black male, that we finally have a black male who will in just a few minutes officially accept the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States? I've actually written a blog about it and would be interested to hear your viewpoint; particularly if you have a chance to view Barack Obama's acceptance speech tonight.

Blessings to you as you compete this weekend in Zurich!

Taraneh Christine said...

Hey David,

I was just wondering what event your mother ran in as my mom was a 100m hurdler and made the 76, 80, and 84 Olympics.

If I recall correctly, I heard your mom made the 80 Olympic team?

Small world but my mom thinks she may have ran against your mother back in the day?


P.S. I've been training for a marathon and whenever i'm not feeling up to training, I think of you and all the hard work you have been doing... so thank you for helping me reach my goal :)

Romanda said...

Hey, Glad you are continuing to have fun. I haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your medal so Congrats DO (or David as I know you).

Keep doing what you are doing and God will continue to bless you.


Anonymous said...

UHH(that's a gasp). I've been following your blog for a while now and this is the first time I've ever seen you respond to a

Tamika said...

You seem like you work well with kids. That's a plus :). Question have you ever been to Delaware?