Thursday, August 7, 2008

New York Times Article

At practice the other day I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Lynn Zinser from the NY Times. It was pretty fun and I had a great time entertaining her questions.

NY Times Article

On other fronts here, Lopez Lomong was selected to carry our flag at the Opening Ceremonies coming up tomorrow. Like I said there couldn't be a better person to do it.

Resse Hoffa and Aretha Thrumond were selected as team captains as well.

I'm not going to Opening Ceremonies, I'm not really in to all that type of pomp and circumstance. If you know me, you know I get very bored of things easily, I heard that it is about a four hour process to walk around the stadium for 15 minutes, so I will pass, plus I'd much rather stay here and get these last couple of training sessions in uninterrupted.


Lyn said...

hey man...i'm the volunteer in the place your staying in..can i take a pic with you someday?? your still in dalian, right?

Lori said...

good luck at the games David!! Dont blame you a bit for not going to the opening...4 hours of waiting? I would shoot myself lol.

Anonymous said...

what is your email? I have some throwback pics I want you to see;)

Hana said...

Hey Dave, it's Hana from HU. A friend of mine told me about your blog, she said it was cool so I thought I'd check it out. I just wanted to wish you luck and a successful and safe trip in China. I'm proud of you, way to represent HU!! Bring home the GOLD!!!

Ms Trouble said...

Hey! Just passing thru to say good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I am writing to let you know that me and the rest of my family will be watching and cheering you on.

I told Grama I would contact you through this blog. Uncle Bernie sent her some pictures of you running. She is too proud and wants you to know she will be watching and praying for you.

My Grama (Earlean) told me a couple of stories about you today. How you and Lee wet Grandad (Earnest) with the hose while he was sleeping under the tree (HA HA - Grandad was always sleeping under that tree.)

Good luck and God bless...


LBJ said...

Game time!

I'm looking forward to what you'll add to your already successful accomplishment!


All the best to you.

Coach said...

It would have been great to see you in that Polo attire. The US looked tight!!

Coach D said...

Brother you should have done the 8 hour event that is the opening ceremony. I am in full understanding of your focus and intent, do not misunderstand me, my opinion is you enjoy the Olympics for what it is at least once in your life. It is an event as much as a meet.
Walking in that stadium and seeing the people and feeling to energy and power is indescribable. It is not duplicated in any setting anywhere. I encouraged all my athletes to go (they didn't) but I think it important to experience the Games.
Good luck to you. I will be there Friday and look forward to your race, it is my favorite on the track.

Al said...

Yea i agree i understand your reasons for not but i was watching the olympic ceremony with full intent of seeing the #1 hurdler come by with the US team. I hope your still running in 4 years because im graduating in 2 years and hopefully with 2 state golds and im definately going to be at the 2012 olympic trials. When we both make the team we can march side by side bro.

Al said...

me again bothering you school starts monday and i was wondering if you would mind emailing me a workout plan for the rest of my off season and to prepare myself for the spring track season thats coming... thanks alot man i have all my family and friends rooting and praying for you to get the gold.

JMP said...

As my grandmother used to say, "KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!!!!" God bless you and all of your future endeavors!!