Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dalian Update

Due to one of my loyal blog readers hitting me up saying that I have left them hanging lately because I haven't updated in a couple of days, here is a rundown of the latest.

I have gotten back on the track with some very heavy workouts from Brooks, which have included our 16 hurdle drill Monday, following that up with race modeling over 10 today. Training has been very fun and I think it has been ratcheted up for everyone. Imagine going to practice with Sanya, Kerron Clement, Lauryn Williams, Abdi, Doc etc. You have no choice but to go hard in the paint! Andy, the video guy has taped everything, so I have had the ability to break down each practice.

Training has been pretty funny too, the Chinese media has filmed every step I have taken at practice and has taken massive amounts of pictures. I have done interviews with all types of media outlets after practice.

Today I had a sit down with NBC Sports announcers Lewis Johnson and Ato Bolden for a piece I guess they will air during the Games.

We had a team meeting today, where we voted Lopez Lomong the team representative for the Flag Bearer at Opening Ceremonies. He shared his story from being one of the Lost Boys of Sudan to his days here in the States. It was very inspiring and I couldn't think of a better candidate for my vote, someone who embodied the Olympic spirit and the meaning of the American flag better than Lopez.

Now I am leaving back to Beijing on the 10th now, so I have a few more hard workout days before tapering off to get ready for the races.


Sharise Cook said...

Man I know you are having fun. I would love to be practicing with the best of the U.S. I play basketball, and if I were on the U.S olympic team with the big names like Lisa Leslie and Cheryl Swoops I would be cheesin the whole time from the beginning of practice to the end of our last olympic game. Hope you win, you should check out my blog sharisecook.blogspot.com. I just started today I don't know what I'm doin, but it's fun.

Claude said...


1) Just saw film of your Monaco race. I agree totally with your assessment of the race---you seem kind of "flat footed" in the early part of the race;
2) Glad you're backing off the hard training, you are race fit, now all you need is race "sharpness!"
3) I know you'll do well; remember get out the blocks, dont press and stay on your toes.
4) Will talk after the games!

I know you'll do well and we here in the DC area are all proud of you.

Claude (an Angle/Bison)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the action. Go out there and do what you do best. You've got US over here rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Im really excited to see the games this time around. Having the opportunity to see the trials this summer in Eugene gave me a new appreciation for the Olympics. Good luck with everything!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your work ethic is inspiring, thanks for that!
All the best!
12.85 - you'll do that. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

Stay positive and have fun! Allow yourself to be in the moment every "hurdle" of the way.

Christopher said...

Good luck! Have fun in China.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a great time! Continue to do you as only you can.

You have established your goal..., now it is time to exceed your expectation!

"For sure"!