Tuesday, September 2, 2008

13.02, Lausanne Champion!!

Before I get to the race, I have something I want to get off my chest. It's about when we catch these buses to the meet from the hotel for competition. Why is it that athletes can't get on the bus or stand the entire bus ride while you have all of these managers and agents and regular people taking up all the seats? Today, it seemed as if there were only 10 athletes sitting on the bus while the rest of the seats were taken up by non-competing persons. I stood the entire bus ride with about 20-plus other athletes. Tiff was waved off by the bus and couldn't get on because there was no more room. To me that makes absolutely no sense.

Now that I'm done venting, on to the race.

I went out there and ran a very clean and solid race. I think I got out of the blocks well, I'm sure my first hurdle was better than in Zurich. The race was eerily similar to the Zurich race, he got out and had the lead and I had to try to come back. I caught up with him around hurdle seven, then he clipped eight and smashed ten. He ran a very uncharacteristic last three hurdles. I don't know if that Zurich race was in the back of his mind still or what, but I hopped all over the opportunity and took the win. 13.02 to 13.17.

I stayed tight and didn't hit a single hurdle the entire race. I am very happy to get the win and I can't wait until we line up again against one another, it will be very fun!

One thing that is starting to really get on my nerves is everytime I have talked to the media, they keep asking me if I feel upset because I won the Bronze Medal at the games. I don't understand that at all. I tell them, "you said it yourself, I WON the Bronze, I am not upset, sad or anything of that nature. You don't get the chance to win a medal too often in a career you know." No one says you lost the Silver or Bronze, but I guess that line of questioning is expected.

I'm about to hit this ice bath, and get ready for my trip to Paris tomorrow afternoon.


Wendy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics, 2nd place in Zurich, and 1st place in Lausanne. Fantastic!

Best wishes to you in Paris. Keep reaching for your goals.

"There is always a better way. Your challenge is to find it." - Anonymous

ejheat said...

Hello my Lausanne Champion !!!! Congrats in winning this race. I am so happy for you and I was thinking about you at 3:10 eastern running along with you. It is pretty cool that you and Robles have such a friendly rivalry and trained together before this race. Your great sportsmanship is another beautiful reason why I think you are so awesome. Also, the youtube video was great and do you have some video of you winning this race? Now on to Paris to DO it again. Your initials D.O. to me means DO it again. Thanks for making my day so much better. I really needed this today. Much love to you my friend.


J from Orlando said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I could tell from reading your previous blog that you had a great feeling about this race. I'm sure it was satisfying to beat Robles this time around and just like that you're off to the next city...how exciting.

I feel you when it bothers you that the media keeps asking that senseless question. You are very proud of that Bronze and rightly so. This is an achievement that so many great athletes never reach and for you to have made it is a great acomplishment. The media seems to always want to stir stuff up and catch people off guard possibly to see if they can get a reaction or touch a nerve. Too bad for them because with you they won't get that. I think you've got your head on straight and know how to handle & compose yourself in these difficult situations.

Have a safe trip to Paris!

PS - There should be a rule about non-athletes giving up their seats on the bus to the athletes.

Brandon said...

Congrats on the win. . .what is the count now? 2-2, 3-2, somthin like that. . ?

GodsPeach said...

I knew you'd D.O. it! ;-) You're an awesome athlete. When you venture back to the US to run, I hope to be in the stands to cheer you on. Congratulations on another victory and be safe as you travel to the Paris.

Always showing love

Kinta said...

WOW David, you're having an amazing season! Your accomplishments continue to progress with each race.

Keep up the excellent work and best wishes on your next race! I actually think that one may be televised...


Miss Mooney said...

The King is shaking Robles!!! NBC bragged so much about how clean his races had been all season and he wasn't hitting any hurdles. D.O. got em shook!!! Congrats, I'm so happy for you!! :D Have a ball in Paris♥

Coach said...

David, we have been doing ice baths in our hs program for a few years now. I would like some input on you on the importance of them. Be BlesseD

Treasure said...

That's what's up!...Congrats on the win sir...But hold up!...You said "all the REGULAR people" taking up seats! LOL...Okay somebody is acting a little bit "Hollywood"...(I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin')...*sigh* I understand though...You guys (athletes) should be priority when it comes to seating...Congrats on the win again though...Have a nice time in Paris.

Carla Ino said...

Congrats on your victory! Like the previous poster said, NBC acted as if Robles is invincible almost. I know it must have felt good to defeat him today and walk away as champion!!

I look forward to reading about Paris. Others have said it before, but you are visiting all of these places that I plan to visit someday. How awesome

LaLa said...

Talented athlete, positive speaker and terrific blogger. I look forward to it.

Aunt Celest said...

Congratualtions on your win!!
I loved the video! Keep them coming. Glad to see that you and
Robles are not letting the press
get between you. Competition is
good. It brings out the best in
the both of you. Nothing like a good rivalry.

Aunt Celest

Anonymous said...

Now David they know they are wrong for that, but that is usually how it is. LOL!!! Can't believe they made you stand.

shanti804 said...

congratufrickinlations!!!! to your 1st place in lausanne, 2nd in zurich (where are these places BTW?) ANDDDDD your 3rd place in the olympics, mr. david oliver.

just know that you'll always have support here in the states.

good luck in paris and keep rocking! :)

P.S. i don't like some of your picks in your fanasty football.super bowl, i think not. LOL ;)

shes4keeps said...

Just throw one to the haters... Hell yea u won the bronze so let them haters rock keep doin ur thing a lot of people r proud of u!!

Brianna said...

I am glad you mentioned that about the bronze medal because that was the one thing that irritated me so much when they even tried to interview you right after. It is such a huge accomplishment...such a huge honor...and something you should be so incredibly proud of. For them to try and diminish that in any way is unfair and unprofessional. You are so right, you WON the bronze medal at the Olympic Games and I am so happy that you realize what an incredible accomplishment that is and treat it as such.

Anonymous said...

David Oliver of the United States won in 13.03 as Robles struck two of the final three obstacles, sending the last crashing.

"He's beaten me three times this year. I've beaten him twice," Oliver said. "Always I was capable of running well. When you come out here and perform, that's the big thing." (AP)

Anonymous said...


I see you are still showing out! LOL

Your fan,
Reality from the ATL :)

The FITT Madam said...

Guess it's time to smash Paris since you keep getting better and better! Any video of these races?

Next time, call the lazy people on taking the seats, lol!

RC said...

you are the TRUTH for real!!!! i know you are feeling the LOVE all around! get down with the get down in Paris. we will see you in OCTOBER.

Virginia clan