Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change The Tail Number On The Flight

Air France provided me with a great flight to Shanghai. I was tired from the night before, so all I did was hop in my business class seat, hit that button and recline my seat all the way to a flat position like a bed. I watched a movie, read my book, enjoyed my German Leibniz Butterkeks (the best cookies in the world) and was tapped for the better part of the flight.

The hotel is here is off the hook. It is right at the track, you hit the lobby, go through these doors and you are in the stadium. Pretty convenient to me.

In the lobby, they have a tailor shop where they make dress suits and shirts from scratch. So you know me, I was on it immediately. I went in, got my measurements from the guy, picked out all the fabric I wanted to use and he is going to have two suits and three shirts, French cuffed with the monogrammed D.O. made for me on Saturday. I couldn't think of a better things to buy, when I get home I have a lot of engagements to attend and this will help my wardrobe out. I already be killing, now I'm going to be killing harder! LOL.

Tomorrow, I have a pretty full day. I have a lunch to attend with various media and Liu Xiang's coach Sun Haiping, TV interviews and a press conference. Later on in week, I have a welcome dinner with the Major of Shanghai, Liu Xiang and Yao Ming. Should be fun.


shanti804 said...

that sounds cool. good luck D.O. the kannnnggg LOL i know you'll do great =)

Treasure said...

**In my best Jay-Z voice; I quote**

"D.O. is probably purple label
Or that BBC sh*t or it's probably tailored
And y'all n*g*az actin way too tough
Throw on a suit, get it tapered up, and let's just change clothes and go..."

**Back to normal voice...my moment as a rapper is over, lol**

Anyway, who doesn't love that song? (Change Clothes)...But yeah, the tailored suits are a good look sir. Take some pics in them when they're done for my viewing pleasure...Thanks.

Ceccy said...

LoL!!! I bet you where on it! It's nothing like seeing a man in a nice tailored suit-I always do a double take ;) ya know ya girl right here knows how to sew some threads...I can make ya a couple of suits with my initials on it.LoL.....

Take care D.O. :)


LaLa said...

That is so exciting!! I'm just tripping off the business class on Air France. Getting the star treatment is nice especially after years of Ramen Noodles. You sound like you are bubbling over happy! I'm glad.

I hope those super fine suits don't get ripped to shreds when your super-fans start grabbin at you. LOL. Kiss.

K. Turner said...

Impressive! My colleagues have always stated that Shanghai was the best place to get tailor made suits, shirts, etc. So you did right! :0) Sounds like the red carpet has been laid out for you once again. Keep doing it BIG...you deserve it!



Carla Ino said...

D.O....your life rocks. You are living my dream: traveling and getting paaaaid to do it. Don't hurt 'em too bad when you get back to the States!

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

What can I say, some people live the life of "Raliegh" as my grand-mother use to say. Don't ask me who the heck is Raliegh because I don't know (smile). What a life you have flying business class, hitting buttons & reclining your seat all the way to a flat position like a bed. Having customize suits, and shirts made
with French cuff and D.O mongrammed on them. Rubbing shoulders with the Major of Shanghai. Commericals, interviews, and goodness knows
what else. What a boring life you have (smile). Enjoy every
minute of it, and take plenty of
pictures. That's the way to live. I keep telling my grandson
Justin do it like D.O for grand-mother. Thanks for allowing us
to share in your adventures.

Lady1082 said...

I know I am kinda late but, congrats on your win at Stuttgart.

Even though you have been away from the DMV area for awhile, I see our slang has rubbed off on you lol. Reading your blog makes me giggle because you still talk as if your in D.C. I don't know if you have noticed that...

Anywho, I have a ? for you. When you return home from your "world tour", how in the hell do you get your sleeping patten back to our time zone???? I can't handle a simple 3 hour time change, my sleep becomes so screwed up lol


Taraneh Christine said...

Great choice on getting suits and shirts made.... if you ever need a personal shopper.. I'm the girl for you!
I have a black belt in shopping and dressing men.... I am in the fashion industry :P

P.S Why are you so sexy? Ha