Friday, September 5, 2008

Anonymous Posters

For the most part, the posts and comments on the page are funny and enlightening to read, but every now and then, I go to moderate the comments and you have somebody on there hating or hitting you with an untrue accusation of something or being jealous or just being real outta pocket.

To me, I wonder why post a comment at all and if you're going to try to be negative, don't hide behind being "anonymous", go on ahead and let it be known how to get back in contact with you. Don't be scared!! LOL.

But Shawty Lo said it best "Big ups, to all my haters!!"

E-Thuggers Creed: "E-Thugs, because talking trash or lying in public is dangerous"


Terica said...

Do you have any meets coming up in the states?

nikima99 said...

Hi...I'm very aware that you're currently overseas. I was just wondering if you were extended an invite to Oprah's Olympic show.

Devyone C said...

You get a round of applause for that post...I wish everybody could read this. Don't be concerned when haters hate be concerned when they don't. B.EZ. handsome (smile)

McLean Cromer said...

I, for one, am disgusted at anyone that would have something negative to say about this young man. I mean he is one of the few positive, educated, focused, and centered black role models that we have and he is taking out of his time to let us view what goes on inside the life of an T & F athlete. So if you are posting something negative under the alias of "anonymous", you are a coward.

If you got a problem with my boy, come SEE ME!!!!

Carla Ino said...

I believe that some folks' genetic code includes a DNA strand called "hateration". Their sole purpose in life is too poop in the punch bowl of others (as my bro would so eloquently say, lol). I've been roaming around different blogs and I keep seeing the same thing. And you see it on message boards too...I'm convinced that the devil himself created message boards.

Anyway, keep doing you, keep winning those races and brush them haters off. If they're hating on you, you must be doing something right!

Anonymous said...

Im your biggest fan! I check ur blog daily....hope ur back in Denver soon!!! You'll know me when ya c me!!!! Lol Good luck in all ur meets honey!

Anonymous said...

what could someone possibly accuse you of doing? You seem to be a nice guy, but then again...nobody's perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Poor D.O.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's what being a STAR is about! You can handle it're a KING, remember? lol

(it's all love baby)

CeeCee said...

This is a funny post...I'm laughing as I write. And your boy M.C. is co-signing with a warrant! (LOL) I love it D! Really though, isn't it sad that folks have nothing better to do than sh1t on your shoes and then hide? Just continue enjoying life Sweetie, 'cause you're doing big things, making a lot of folks proud, and above all, you're blessed!

shanti804 said...

haters are wack with a capital W.

dust ya shoulders off, and keep moving forward. and they can suck a horse cock forreal.

[vanilla ice] word to ya mother. [/vanilla ice]

Claude said...

David: About one of your earlier posts concerning how you like Paris. Our DC group, the 5th Man Track Club, visited Paris in 2003 for the World Championships. I had been there before as a young man stationed in the military in Germany in the mid-1960s. I found Paris fascinating then, and found it more fascinating in 2003. As did all of the members and their wives of the group. You have a wonderful opportunity to see the world as a young man and you should take every opportunity to enjoy yourself. More importantly, you have an opportunity to visit history and see how another part of the world lives. My wife utterly loves Paris and when I told her you would be there for a few days, you could just see the envy! Enjoy. If one has never cruised the Champs Elysees, climb to the top of the Arc de Triompe or visited the Moulin Rouge and Pigalle in the Monmartre District (my favorite part of Paris); visited the Louve or Latin Quarter, they are missing one of the real educational experiences in life. Let us know what you did and some of the interesting places you visited in your "tourista" role.





Cherie said...

Hey David, whenever you feel the heat from hate, I want you to think of this:

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation… because your character is what you really are… while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

So don't be concerned about Anonymous messages because like you said...why hide? Don't worry I didn't see the message but it was probably some man with low self esteem that got mad because his girlfriend dreams of being with you and not him! lol

Let a sista know when you will be visiting the DC area... WE MISS YOU!

Cherie said...

Oh Yeah as they say in DC... them Bammas be hatin, lol

So do you to the fullest because you will always be loved.