Saturday, September 13, 2008

Startlist and Pre-Meet

We have seen better days and weather for competition, here in Stuttgart, it is raining pretty steadily and is pretty cold out. Nonetheless, I am excited and ready to go get the job done out there tomorrow.

Like I said earlier, we are shutting down the stadium, the 110 hurdle event will be the last outdoor event hosted in Stuttgart. I want to close it out with a win.

Lane Draw:
1) Marcel Van Der Westen
2) Andy Turner
3) Ryan Wilson
4) Aries Merritt
5) Ty Akins
6) D.O.T.K.
7) Yo-El Brown
8) Petr Svoboda

Gameplan for the race is fairly easy: Start with a great warmup, hit the track and run as fast as I can, stay within the technique, collect 30 stacks, stay healthy. I want to run a very good time here and keep my good season going.

Joel is doubling in the 200 as well, as he finished off the season as one of the top point scorers in the 200 and the 110s, a pretty awesome double if you ask me, I know I couldn't pull that off.


On another note, it's a great college football Saturday, too bad I will miss the game I want to see. Ohio State at USC. It comes on around 2am here. I'm hoping that USC blows the doors off of Ohio State. Joel has really turned me off to the Buckeyes, so hopefully at breakfast I will have something to talk about.


Andre Rafik said...

is it joel or yo-el?

Miss Mooney said...

Shut the stadium down with a BIG "W"! Best Wishes King :D

Tiana said...

I was wondering the same thing lol. Is his name Joel and pronounced "Yo-el," or are they two different people?

ejheat said...

I know you are dissappointed about no Robles/Oliver matchup but just like USC has more speed and talent than OSU these other guys will find out what kind of speed and talent King David Oliver has on this magical green carpet ride last track event in Stuttgart Stadium. These other guys will get the chance to see where they are when they go against you, King David. It looks like some other people on here have picked up on my King David thing I started with the Burger King commercial I thought would be cool with the King jumping over the hurdles. I really need you to win today because I have had a couple of bad days of not feeling well from my dystonia condition and I need some more good things to pick my spirits up.
USC blowing off the doors of OSU certainly helped. I am so glad that you do not like OSU football, David. I am a Penn State Alum and big PSU football fan and I am so tired of The Ohio State University embarrassing the Big Ten in big games. It is time for The Ohio State Overraters to just go into a corner and hide with a whole bunch of dunce caps on their overrated big heads. How much more can the big egos of the Ohio State Overraters take? PSU has not played anybody yet that is any good in their 3 blowout wins but when they do play OSU on OCT 25 in Columbus, we will see if we can at least beat the Ohio State Overraters. WE ARE PENN STATE. Please join the PSU football nation, David. Yell that to Joel when you see him today. Get on Joel for me and you and call them the Ohio State Overraters.
David, you go out there and blow the doors off your opponents today and get that win for me my friend. I will be running alongside of you in spirit. Just DO DO DO DO IT KING DAVID!!!!


LaLa said...

Thanks for the link love.

Candice said...

Hey David,jus watched the race,well done!! U had a slower start than what i expected but you built up momentum around da third/fourth hurdle. so i am pleased4u.It was ashame Robles wasnt there, but there will b other times. Enjoy the moment babe u deserve it xxx

Carla Ino said...

USC brought much joy to my Saturday. They made OSU look horrific, and I cheered the whole time. There aren't many things in this world that I hate....but OSU and their fans? I make an exception for them. With Michigan's piss-poorific performance against Notre Dame yesterday, I needed a pick-me-up and I DEFINITELY got it.

Hope you killed 'em in the meet!