Sunday, September 14, 2008

Closed The Door On 'Em

I woke up this morning with some great info, USC beat the bejesus out of Ohio State. Joel was sick at breakfast. So I woke up already with some good news, then it was time to get the outcome I wanted in a situation that I fully controlled. I can't control what USC was going to do, but I can control what David Oliver is going to do.

Shut down the stadium in the fashion that I wanted to. Went out and won in a not so impressive race, 13.22 (-1.3w). At the end, I was very happy to get the win. My warm-up was great, body felt good. When I walked out to the track though, that chill hit me something vicious. My nose started running non-stop when we got out there! I got pump-faked because warming up inside had me totally forgetting how cold it was outside.

I didn't get out very well, but ran a very controlled race, I cleared the field around three and got the job done.

I ran the last lap of honor in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, that was my main focus for this entire competition and I accomplished my goal.


Miss Mooney said...

A win is a win King!Congrats!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Once again, congrats to you. I'm so happy for you. Your showing the kids and your fans what hard work and determination can do. My grandson Justin who is 8 looks up to you. He's always asking me
what did David say today, or how do you think David would handle that situation. Your a role model
to more people than you know. Stay focus, and stay humble. Keep
the blogs, and pictures coming.

Aunt Celest

QT said...

David, King David (which I actually picked up from the Bible), Mr. tha..O to tha..T to tha..K,

A world sized congrats for shutting things down the USA way!!!! God knows Best ;) a good feeling to know you are one of His chosen one's huh! Cheers to being the Creme de la Creme "Y"Y" (as your folk at the LV store in Pehr-rhee would say)...btw, the Y's are two martini glasses and the quotes are the "tings", work with a creative sista, k :)

On anotha Happy note...I'm a SC alum that was on campus enjoying the moments yesterday! I watched the game alongside the BAA and some OSU fans, and my Dad n his fam (shame to say DEVOUT OSU fans) and enjoyed the win without being too mean to the LOSERS (since one of them raised me!) I told them we'll see ya'll at the BSC so we can shut ya'll down one mo' ghen :) 35-3, whew that must have been a tough pill to swallow!!!

All the best as you move forward, maybe our paths will cross live on my next visit to see my sis in Daytona Beach or as I'm sliding down one of those bomb water slides they got at Disneyland's waterpark!!!! I have to say my behind took a good beating on that super tall one a couple months ago, it was a show, but a ton of fun!

Thanks for the letting us be a part of your experience. I like your style and your thinking, and really appreciate your committment to the sport. Keep it pushin.

Down the road....

K. Turner said...

Hi David,

I turned on the computer just in time to catch your race live this morning! It was exciting to see you accomplish what you set out to do; win the race and take the final lap at the stadium to close out the competition. Congrats on accomplishing that milestone and on the awesome year you're having.

Keep doing great have you decided whether to return to the States or move on in competition?



Anonymous said...


GO D.O. YO! lol congrats on the win!!!

keep up with the hard work and do ya thang!!! =)

Taraneh Christine said...

Congrats Mr. Olympian :)

Will you ever be competing in Canada?

ejheat said...

Congrats on the win. I knew you would DO it again and send out the Stuttgart track in style. I know what it is like to have a constant runny nose from the cold air because I have severe sinus problems but you are such a pro that you just went out there and made your magic happen on that green track despite the chilly weather. It must have been an amazing feeling for you taking that winning lap around a stadium that you know will never have another track event again. I got goosebumps just thinking about it. Wow and Oom-Pa-Pa to that German Stuttgart Stadium. King David is the man and a real special person to me. Thanks for brightening my day again and that picture of you and your face speak 1000 great beautiful words of a young man who is a true winner on the track and in life.
By the way, all of my football teams won this weekend, but by far your win on that historic green Stuttgart track meant the most to me this weekend. You are making such an amazing positive impact on my 37 year old life and I hope I am having the same positive inpact on your life. As always, take care and God Bless!!!!


Tiana said...

We all see that smirk on yo face! King. lol

Treasure said...

Love the pic...very relaxed and might I add a little bit of a cocky expression is plastered on your face...Nice...Congrats.