Monday, September 15, 2008

Stuttgart to Shanghai

Last night, the IAAF and local organizing committee brought us another edition of the season finale dinner/party event. Those of you that have been to World Athletic Final know how this is the best party of the year and it didn't fail this season either.

For those of you who haven't been, go on ahead now and book a ticket to Thessaloniki, Greece, that's where this competition will be held next season and tell them you're a guest of D.O., that will get you in (allegedly).

I'm heading out this afternoon going back to Asia for the last competition of the season. I'm going over for the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, I've never been to Shanghai to compete, I went there in 2006 for a Nike commercial shoot with Liu Xiang.

I took a few pics last night, but my camera died and I only got a couple shots.

Gobo Speng, D.O. Speng and Joel (pronounced Joel not Yo-El)
Me and Chandra Stirrup (with Durst and Larry in the back). I was getting it, I think I broke more of a sweat at the party than I did getting ready for the race!
2/3 of Hemingway HouseWish I could have gotten more pictures. My camera hasn't seen the charger since I left home two months ago and the charger is at the house, maybe someone will have a compatible one I can use.


kiki said...

Of course you were sweatin with those long sleeves! :) Like a man whose not afraid to take a fashion risk (baby blue)lol. Thanks for clarifying that whole name thing with Joel. Anyway, those three pics were good enough for me and every other girl lookin i'm sure, but could you ask o'girl to move over a bit? ...i'm jealous lol, j/k

Miss Mooney said...

Shanghai huh? Do I need to send you a charger because that is a town on my "To Do" list?! It is a technological heaven so be sure to pick up some goodies!!! And I'll be sure to tell Greece D.O. sent me(lol).

Coach said...

Great run in Germany. When you come back to the states you definitely deserve so rest. How long does it take you to adjust back to EST time?

Ms.Mia said...

What?!!! No pictures of you on the dance floor?!!!! I dont believe you were tearing it up. I want proof....and are you sure that isnt the singer Joe? That GOBO dude looks just like him in that pic.

Treasure said...

Well I can tell you right now that your extra "smedium" Lacoste shirt is probably to blame for the sweat you broke @ the party LOL...I'm not hatin'...I'm just sayin' You look nice though!
Glad you got some pics in for us and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself off the track.

Treasure said...

My bad...After closer observation, I see that Nike is responsible for the asphyxiation of your torso. Not Lacoste!

"I'm not hatin'...I'm just sayin'"


Ceccy said...

Well D.O.,

I have a charger you can definitely borrow but im no where near Asia, but the pics came out great! God Bless in the upcoming race.



Congrats on the win! You HAVE to get a charger, I'll send you one. "YOU COULD HAVE WHATEVA U LIKE" lol. Did you find out why Robles didn't participate in the last event?

Enjoy Shanghai hopefully you can make it to the Plaza and blow some of those hard earned stacks.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Nice pictures. Hope you get it together with your camera before you go to Asia. If no one has a compatible charger you can always purchase one of the disposable camera. It's hard to believe that your at the end of the road with track. What will I do
when you come home? When will I travel around the world again? Will you still blog us when you come back to the states? You did a commerical shoot with Liu Xian? Did it air here in the states. Your such a handsome young man with a beautiful smile.
Why doesn't your agent promote you more. I'm sure you can do
all kinds of commericals. Enjoy
the party and your last meet.
Good Luck, and Justin said "Hello".

Aunt Celest

QT said...

You can groove too, U r killin me!!

So Shanghai huh? Who plans these meets, I mean China to Western Europe and then back to China only to fly all the way back to the US, KRAY-ZEE!! Every pic would be of me sleeping!!! Hope the beds are better this time around. I have to travel with my down pillow, its the only way to go!

Re: the charger, maybe you can ask the hotel to check their lost n found collection...I usually come up! Well, at least that's how I've resolved that problem when traveling in the US ;)

Maybe you can post some pics of Americatown in Shanghai!

Brianna said...

I'm sure the party in no way compares to a few years ago...

Ms.Mia said...

Ok. I need to know what dates to book for Greece next year? Remember I told you about that getting lost in another country adventure, i'm making by myself. I think, i will do Greece.

LaLa said...


I've always wanted to go to Greece. Greek food is delicious. Did you enjoy it?

Look forward to your post from Shanghai. Maybe you can put your memory card in someone else's camera that has more juice so you can take more pics.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the other fans of Mr. do look very nice on ur pics.

Ms.Smith said...

Congrats on all your outstanding accomplishments. You are blessed and highly favored.