Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shanghai Hero's Day

Today I was joined by 4x100 relay world record holders, Micheal Frater and Nesta Carter (JAM), 400m Olympic Champion Christine Ohuruogu (GBR), her coach and good friend Lloyd Cowan and triple jump Olympic Champion and record holder Francoise Mbango (CAM) as we were all honored during a press conference and lunch with the Major of Shanghai, the president of the federation along with several other key members of China's sporting body.

After being presented to the media, answering a few questions, taking photo's and being presented with Chinese gifts, we headed to a very prestigious Chinese restaurant named Lu Bo Lang. This restaurant was a staple during the Ming Dynasty and has hosted several VIP's such as President Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II.
At lunch, we were joined by Liu Xiang's coach Sun Haiping and Liu's father. I had the pleasure of meeting his father and I passed on my condolences to him and had him pass a message to Liu from me, basically saying get well soon and keep your head up, we have great races to still run together. He told me that Liu is doing well, so that is a good sign.

Sun (far left) and Liu's father (far right)
We ate very authentic and traditional Chinese cuisine, none of that carry-out stuff you find in the States. I immersed myself in their culture, from slurping the soup like they do to eating exclusively with chopsticks, the first time I ever did that. I was doing a very good job at it too, the key is to be patient.
We left there and headed back to the hotel where Veronica Campbell-Brown (JAM) joined Christine, Francoise and I for another press conference. The President of Best Buy, a main sponsor of the meet, presented us with a gift on behalf of his company and we answered some more questions.

I'm taking pictures of you taking pictures of me!
I had several television and newspaper interviews after the press conference. The Chinese are very knowledgeable, especially about the 110 hurdle event and I enjoy talking with them, I know the fans are going to be great on Saturday night.

I'm pretty tired now, my day lasted for about six hours with all of the media stuff which is fine with me, being recognized for your accomplishments is definitely a great feeling as an athlete.


LaLa said...

D.O.! D.O.! D.O.!
What an honor to meet Liu's father. He must be very proud of his son. You're killin me with all this great food and culture. It's a good thing I live near Philly so I can mini-doses of different cultures.

Does the media send you the pics that they take of you?

Carla Ino said...

I would've taken someone's eye out with a chopstick..I'm not so good with them. Thank you for making America look good. (lol)

No Yao Ming?


I'm shocked that you had never used chopsticks. I lived in HK for a while and had no choice but to learn. Did you have issues eating rice, you can't eat with sticks if you're starving. Since you had never used chopsticks I gather you don't enjoy sushi?

The picture of the press taking pictures was very cool, totally rock star! So the Chinese embrace you, how does it compare to the States? What did the President of best buy give you guys? Please excuse me I’m feeling extra inquisitive this morning.

P.S. I was routing for your Dolphins on Sunday so you could have 2 wins, I knew you were good but your boys let me down. How do you deal with the constant dissapointment? jk

Treasure said...

**Flashing Lights**

"As I recall I know you love to show off
But I never thought that you would take it this far
But what do I know"

Yeah, that song came to mind when I read this post and looked at the pics...Everything looks so exciting...Anyway 2 points for you for having patience and getting your chopstick game on point. *smile* Mine borderline sucks. lol.

shanti804 said...

congrats on mastering the art of chopsticks!!! LOL i wish i could get though...

the pics of shanghai is really nice. looks like it could come out of a magazine ^_^

LOL @ u taking pictures of the paparazzi taking pics of you. LOL classic.

have fun, be safe, learn something new! =)

God is Love <3

Ceccy said...


Sound like you had a great time! You mean to tell me they had no shrimp fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and sweet and sour chicken!! :) I took an class that was Asian inspired and we had to eat real chinese cuisines also and it was very interesting because they eat some of everything. I bet it would have been nice to have Ms.Bren there since Liu Xiang's father was present, I do wish him a speedy recovery because he does kill the hurdles but you are definitely my favorite :)

God Bless**

Brandon said...

CONDOLANSE'S. . . the dude's not DEAD. . .dam. . .good thing they don't know the true meaning of condolances. . .LMAO!
You lucky the tables wern't turned & he didn't go all menace to society on you!

"I feel soory for your motha."
"What you say, What the fuc you say about my momma!"

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Life just keeps getting better and better for you. Chop sticks,
your such a well traveled young
man. It was so kind of you to
ask about Liu, and let him know
that when he gets well you both
will be at it again. You really
know how to carry yourself. I'm
so very proud of you. Keep enjoying this time, and sharing
your experience with your fans.

Aunt Celest

CeeCee said...

Is there a continent you haven't hit up yet? I can only imagine how exciting all of this must be for you. A friend of mine decided a while ago to visit a new country every year, which is a great idea that I may try myself. Your blog keeps me motivated to pursue that as well. Anyhoo, enjoy every moment and don't forget to add pics with you in your new tailored suits!

tiana said...

I feel Treasure on the flashin lights tip. And Brandon, why was I thinkin the very same thing? LMAO. I can't hate on the mirror effect though

Anonymous said...

Life sounds and looks good on your end. You're right about the food. I have not tasted anything in the US that tastes anything like the real thing.

Miiss Jessiica said...

congrats! i hope ur enjoying your shanghai adventure lol