Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back In Business

Darth Maul is back. Now my comfort level is right back where it belongs! Thank God for extended warranties.

I'm off to catch my flight to D.C., I'm meeting up with Bren and Harold in the A, should be exciting.


Carla Ino said...

Ummmm, you are a brave soul for posting a pic of your license plate. Information on the internet is far too you REALLY want folks showing up at your doorstep?

Just lookin' out for a brotha! :P

shanti804 said...


[donald trump] that was so shallow [/donald trump]

yes, it pays to have insurance. ;) have a safe trip to DC and try not to get a ticket LOL

Tiana said...

You're funny..."Sub13"
I like that you're so determined, and it shows in everything that you do. You work for what you want, and make sure that you always remind yourself of those things on a daily.

LaLa said...

Too late Carla most folks have already googled his address. When he gets back they'll be camping in his drive way. LOL!

Have fun Dave, glad to see your spending some more time with the fam. Superstar!! (ala Saturday Night Live)

Anonymous said...

that's the reason i wouldn't have a personalized license plate to begin with. People don't need to know where you are at all the time.

Coach said...

David, the plate is tight. Im sure it will change next year.
"Be faithful and God will take care of the results." Welcome to the A

Lawrence Tucker said...

Congratulations on your Olympic win! All the best to you, David! Peace! ~LTinDC

David Oliver said...

Club Love: Y! LOL

Ms.Smith said...

Hello Mr. Oliver,

I know you are happy to be back in the states. I laughed at the comment about your little airport experience in Atlanta. Yea thats usually how it is here...very crazy. You should have stayed a couple of days for the classic. But I know u were ready to see your family. and enjoy you time off...and the celeb status. My friends and I are coming to Howards Homecoming....we heard Howard has the best homecoming out of all the HBCU's...we will see if it beats Grambling....I hope your alma mater doesnt let us

~Stay Blessed and Highly Favored~