Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Cream of Wheat Jenkins

Aubrey Herring aka Cream of Wheat Jenkins aka Aub-Rida aka Big Aub hit the big 3-0 today. Damn you are getting old. I'm not at the house so we can pop a bottle of that Dom aka 'Dre LOL. Happy Birthday man.


CeeCee said...

That photo is priceless! I don't know D.O., he looks like he could take you for clownin' him like that. (LOL)

Miiss Jessiica said...

happy bday aubrey lol aka cream of wheat..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday AUB-RIDA lol... Damn you are getting old though!! Forget that "Dre" I'm gonna get you some Ensure and Boost ;-)

Ceccy said...

Hilarious!!!! That pic was so unexpected...guess what D.O.? I can get ya blogs on my Blackberry...yaaa!! Cream of Wheat Jenkins :) if that doesn't sound southern I don't know what does.


shanti804 said...

cream of wheat? [ insert confused smiley ]

well umm happy birthday to mr. jenkins, sir.


Miss Mooney said...

"Cream of Wheat" is obviously something that is an inside joke for the walls of 4700(lol). Congrats Aub on turning the big "30", it's a wonderful time!