Saturday, September 27, 2008

Opening Convocation

WOW!!! Howard held your boy down this weekend. I got butterflies when I landed at Reagan International, just remembering all the times I had in the Chocolate City, by far my favorite place to be.

They had Bren, Harold and I with the first class treatment from the time we stepped off the plane. Limo driver the entire time, Gold Floor status at the Fairmont Hotel, everything. See at Howard, a first class university, we go first class or no class at all!

I was able to get up with some of my old teammates for a great night on the town Thursday.

Friday was the 141st Opening Convocation at Howard, this was the introduction of our 16th President as well, Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau. I had the honor of being introduced and honored by him as well.
I signed some posters and programs as well. I always saw these commendations around the Administration Building and it is a great honor to be place amongst the greats that have roamed that campus.

I was able to see Coach Merritt, one of the first people to believe in my track and field abilities as well. It was great to catch up with him.
After the Convocation ceremonies, we had a lunch with President Ribeau, his wife, my mom, Harold, my uncle Randy (below) and several other Howard Alum stallworts.

You know Friday we got it in as well, had the limo riding around several spots. We hit Love REAL quick, I mean 10 minutes, it was pretty lame, we settled in at some spot I never heard of and had a pretty good time.

I hate when it comes time for me to leave D.C.!! At least I will be back in a couple weeks for the legendary Howard Homecoming!


tme301 said...

D.C. welcomes you back anytime!!! We definitely appreciate the love. Congratulations on your achievement!!! It must feel incredible to be honored by Howard University!!!

ejheat said...

WOW certainly describes your past few days at Howard. They certainly are first class. It is great to see that they treated you and your family so well. I am sure you had great quality time with your family and your old teammates. I really enjoyed all the pictures as usual, and the poster of you is so awesome. God really does give you style and grace and it shows in everything you do with such class. You are looking first class in that suit and tie and your electrifying smile really lit up the Howard University rooms. I just got done responding to messages that people left for me on the dystonia board and I got to say that I thought about you ,David, while I was responding to those beautiful messages because you keep my positive juices flowing when I need it the most. Those beautiful people on that dystonia board, who also have some form of dystonia, and your awesome blog has been an unbelievable lifesaver for me over these last 2 tough and difficult weeks for me. I appreciate you so much and can not wait to read and see through your pictures what you are doing next and I got a feeling that your Homecoming trip in 2 weeks to Howard is going to be a DOUBLE WOW!!!! Also, great to see the Darth Maul is up and running again with your sub-13 plate. LOL


Treasure said...

Awww, that's nice...Great treatment, great pictures, great honor. Saying congratulations to you is getting a bit redundant because you do so much; but...CONGRATULATIONS sir...on EVERYTHING you've accomplished as well as everything to come...Soo proud of you and yada yada yada.
I won't be attending,so wild out at homecoming for me!

Anonymous said...

Go Howard U!

k. carli said...

WOW! Howard really rolled out the red carpet for you all. That's an awesome accomplishment to be honored in such a prestigious manner. You deserve it and your Mom is absolutely glowing with pride in the photos you posted.

Many congrats and way to represent HBCUs nationwide...



Miss Mooney said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself in DC! I heard Love has fallen off,try Palma in Bmore on your next trip. I love DC as well, it's just something about that city. I am sooo anticipating my trip Thanksgiving. You and your mom looked wonderful!!!!

Claude said...


Just finished your latest blog entry, and I thought your coments were very profound. I, for one, am glad that the University took the time to honor someone who is a living testament of the University's ideals. We, that is Howard University, do somethigs right. Maybe with all the positive light you've brought to the University they may now start treating Athletics better (lets hope).


Coach said...

Coach Merritt sent some info to one of my seniors. How is the program now?

Anonymous said...

You and your family looked adorable.

I'm so happy for you and wish I was able to receive an autographed poster of my favorite 110-meters hurdler!

Take care of yourself and you wearing that suit . . . BOY STOP! LOL

Reality from the ATL:)

Ms.Mia said...

Morning. Check out this website I just found. Hope you enjoy it.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,
You can see the love in your mothers face. She is so very proud of you. I can see the love you have for her too. D.C. loves
you too. Have a great time at the
home coming, and please keep sending pictures.

Aunt Celest

LaLa said...

You looked wonderful up there. That tie is supa nice. Post the video if you get a hold of it. :)