Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The NFL football season opened up this weekend and I tell you what, if you had David Oliver banking on you, you were out of luck.

The season started off with a resounding THUD for me in fantasy football as well as it did for my team the Miami Dolphins. At least the Dolphins were in it until the end, I think my week was done before any of my players were out of the first half of their respective games.

My team has all of a sudden been depleted with injuries, first and foremost, my star quarterback Tom Brady is out for the season, Aub-Rida hit me up while I was at Disney and told me that and I couldn't believe it. Where do I go from there? This is two seasons in a row my starting QB goes down in week one.

Willis McGahee doesn't take a snap, Dallas Clark goes down in the first quarter and Jamal Lewis' hamstring has him running so timid through the hole that I feel I can lay a good pop on him and he'd go down.

I had one double digit scorer and that was my "steal" of the draft, Chris Johnson of the Titans, who scored 11pts, but he was on the bench. Bad General Managing skills. It's week two and I'm already scouring the wavier wire for players, it's not looking good, but at least its early.

I got trounced by my best friend Kelvin Doyle aka "Big K", 83-35, I'm glad I am overseas so that I don't have to hear from him or from Murph because his team is the Jets and they beat the Dolphins, so being in Europe is my saving grace, hopefully they will be on to something else when I return home in a few weeks.

I might have to fire myself mid-season if this fantasy thing doesn't turn around quick.

I'm off to Stuttgart a day earlier than expected, the IAAF wants me to do a promotional thing for the World Athletic Final, so I'm going to hop on the train later this afternoon, it's only a three hour ride, so once again, I will kick back in my first class seat and relax!


Treasure said...

DAAAAYYYUUUMMM!!! @ 83-35...Not a good look for you sir. lol

shanti804 said...

AHHHHAAAAA!!!! well you gotta find somebody else for your starting QB! =P

Carla Ino said...

Honestly - when I saw Brady go down with that injury, my first thought was "oh no! There are going to be a lot of devestated Fantasy Footballers!!". Nevermind "oh I hope he's okay". (That's horrible)I think I even asked you about it in a prior comment. I had an in-depth convo with my friend that night, and fortunately he fared very well in week one. But he's in the minority. Hopefully the season improves for you, because...wow.


Tough ur QB's ACL injury is confirmed, no worries a benched season and Giselle will nurse him back! Sorry cheap shot. On a lighter note "The Jets smacked the Dolphins on both sides. Um this is the FIFTH time in a row. lol Murph homey Ill do your dirty work. So what happens now? how do you replace Brady and with who? I dont follow the fantasy league...


Clearly I dont work enough and should be fired. February 2007 and I quote "I absolutely hate the Patriots all of them aside from Randy Moss" sincerely D.O. So um since you're such a hater, whats with Torn I mean Tom Brady as your QB?

ejheat said...

First of all on the NFL, the weekend was full of surprises and things will certainly change by the end of December. Remember, the Giants started 0-2 and then won the Superbowl. This being said, the Miami Dolphins looked horrible. I saw the whole game at Dolphin Stadium and I can tell you that they have no offensive playmakers. The receiving corps was a joke. Tedd Ginn Jr. was awful at receiver and punt returns. If I was the coach, he would not be returning punts next week. He let the ball bounce a couple of times in crucial situations and it lost so many yards and to add insult to injury, he had an offensive pass interference play on 3rd down with 5 seconds to play. He was in horrible position and became the defensive back. He should have knocked the ball out of the defensive players hands and get the most of his pass interference instead of letting it get intertcepted by just rapping his arms around Revis. Then, they still would have had 4th down and one last play of hope because the Jets would have declined the third down pass interference play. It was an absolutley pathetic route and play by Ginn and a great defensive play by Revis. Ginn did at least have a catch on 4th down on the previous TD drive but that was with the Jets playing in a prevent defense. The defensive line for the Dolphins is what kept them in the game. The linebackers and D-ends really had good pressure and I think 3 sacks on Favre and a fumble recovery by Akin Ayodele. I am a big fan of Akin. The secondary for the Dolphins was awful as well. The 4th down play that Favre completed for a TD was typical Favre magic and one of the worst secondary plays in the history of the NFL. The only reason the Dolphins got back in the game was because the Jets coaching staff got stupid with a very conservative offense with a 20-7 lead in 4th quarter and played a prevent defense which was the only time the Dolphins really moved the ball. I will be shocked if the Dolphins win more than 6 games this year. Sorry, David. I am not a Dolphins fan, but hey it will be better than last year. Also, the Jets really did not play that great either overall, but Thomas Jones had a great game and you should try to get him at running back on your fantasty football team. I am a big fan of Thomas Jones as well. My Pittsburgh Steelers won big over Houston in the Steel City so that was awesome and very surprising how well they played. I am not expecting them to have a great season this year. So, if they end up doing well, and that is a big if, I will be pleasantly surprised because this first win over Houston means nothing right now. It is on to the dog pound on the mistake by the lake in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday night football. Actually, Cleveland is a great city, but Cleveland is one of those cities that finds a way to not win championships in all of its pro sports. I hope the Steelers defense shuts down Jamal Lewis. Sorry , David. Get Thomas Jones if you can. The Steelers have beaten the Browns 9 straight times. So, the odds are certainly in the Browns favor. This could be a tough game for Steelers to win 10 straight over Browns. Here we go Steelers here we go!!!! I love to here that chant. Of course, the most famous chant in Pittsburgh through the glory years was defense, defense, defense! The Browns looked bad against Dallas on Sunday in Cleveland as you know with Jamal Lewis and all the dropped passes by Braylon Edwards. I am sure he will do much better against Steelers. Last year, he had a big game against the Steelers at Heinz Field. Hopefully, they will contain Cribbs on returns. He torched the Steelers last year in the game at Heinz Field. Also,Big Ben had a good game against Houston as did Heinz Ward and if you can try to get him at quarterback or Ward at receiver some way try that. I doubt you can pull that off. If you can get Jake Delholme at quarterback from Carolina Panthers that would be great for you. I think I am spelling Jake's last name wrong. I have an original terrible towel from the 1970's which I might even pull out for this game on Sunday night. Very few people still have one of the original terrible towels. This is quite the conversation piece when I get it out and show people. It certainly got a lot of talk at the 2001 Superbowl in Tampa. The Superbowl returns to Tampa at the end of this season. The Bucs want to be the first team to host the Superbowl. They lost to New Orleans at the Superdome and certainly need to beat the Falcons this Sunday at Ray Jay.

Looks like you had a great time at Disneyland and of course you were eating as usual. Great magical pictures in the land of magic. I will have much more on Disney in my next post. Have a great time with your promotional activities in Stuggart. I am so glad that they chose you for this. You will certainly represent them the right way and will DO great!!!! Eric

David Oliver said...


I stand pat in my feelings towards the New England Patriots as a team. I hate them, I hate the Jets and the Bills the same way. I use to hate the Colts, but now they are cool, not in the division anymore, plus a guy I played ball with in college is tearing it up for them. But it's fantasy football, I need the best players, can't hate on Tom's skills!

tme301 said...

D.O., it sounds as if you a got a touch of the Madden curse. :) I hope all of your picks work out for you....It's only the first week!!!

I'm still hoping for the Redskins to be the NFC underdog this year. Absolutely no one has us winning!!! We play the Saint's on Sunday and I will be cheering from the front row. Hopefully, I can bring them some luck.

Anyway, your team plays the Cardinals next....that should be a win. Then you guys play the 2nd most hated team, Patriots and then a bye. What I don't understand is why give teams a bye week after playing 3 games. It's absolutely crazy!!!

Tiana said...

No fair! D.O. actually responded to someone and it wasn't me :(
Maybe I need to brush up on sports knowledge (wink) Or at least I could pretend to be halfway interested in it just to get a comment back from you lol (how desperate of me)

Don't let that go to your head lol
I just see how rare it is for you to comment on a comment


Hold up what did the East do to you? Besides make tuna out of your Dolphins for years. LOL So whats so great about the Dolphins? The uniform colors? The weather is nice in Miami? Do you have a deep rooted love for the under dog? It doesn't get much more underdog than them. BTW "in it until the end", more like got in it at the end. Poor Parcell, its reminiscent of Roy Jones and his return from retirement. : - (

sharae said...


When I saw this clip it reminded me of you........

Dionne said...

Mr. Oliver,
Congratulations and I know you will continue to be blessed. I was just wondering if you ever get a chance to visit any military installations while you are traveling overseas or in the states? Some of the installations, have track programs and I am sure the children of the service members would love to learn from your experiences. I think Tenn. is trying to do better and we are still in the rebuilding stage(LOL).

Ms.Mia said...

Morning "Chip" :)

Two to one
There's a job that must be done. Will you get busy and do it or will you just sit there and avoid taking action?
The way you prevent yourself from taking action is to have a set of reasonable and believable excuses. The way to get the work done is to replace those excuses with clear and meaningful reasons that are far more compelling.

Every delay is a wasted opportunity. For time is a most precious and irreplaceable resource.

Each time you think of an excuse for not taking action, overpower it. For each single excuse, quickly come up with two good, solid believable reasons for moving forward.

Yes, if you choose you can talk yourself out of doing what must be done. Fortunately, you are just as empowered to talk yourself into taking any necessary action.

Decide to blast away every excuse with two good reasons for going ahead and moving forward. And the odds are two to one that you will indeed reach whatever goal you choose.

-- Ralph Marston

Anonymous said...

David, you seem to be enjoying your stay in Europe. When are you and your teammates returning back to the US?

David Oliver said...

I think most people are going home after this competition. Some might be going back to Asia for Shanghai, Kawasaki, Japan or Daegu, Korea competitions.

I'm suppose to be going back over, we will see.

Coach said...

David Im sure you heard about V Young's breakdown. I hate the way they treat black qbs in the NFL

Tori said...

Tho i'm just as excited as the next for you to come back to the states, i think you should ride the wheels off this train cuz you only live once!