Thursday, September 11, 2008

World Athletic Final Stuttgart, Germany

I arrived in Stuttgart the other night, like I said, I had some promotional events on behalf of the IAAF here.

I did a little bit of a photo shoot with some reporters from the AP and IAAF. I then had a press conference at the Daimler Stadium as well.

This year is a unique year for the World Athletic Final, it will be the last outdoor track and field event held in Stuttgart, Germany as they are tearing down the existing stadium to make it a soccer only stadium.

Colin Jackson ran the then world record time of 12.91 seconds on this very track, it also hosted the 1993 World Championships. Aside from those and various other feats accomplished here, the most unique thing I ever witnessed was my first time here in 2006, the green surface for the track. I have seen black, blue, red tracks, but never a green one. I thought that was pretty interesting.

It's a two day event, with competition starting on Saturday. I run on Sunday, the 110 hurdles is the very last event of the competition and the last to be hosted in Stuttgart, I think that is very appropriate. I really want to be the last person to take a lap of honor in Stuttgart, I am going to try my best to do so, it will not be an easy task, but I am up to the challenge.

Brooks and Yo-El Brown arrive today, so we will hit a couple of workout sessions, just to sharpen up a bit. I am very excited for this competition.


CeeCee said...

Good luck and enjoy every moment!

LaLa said...

I'm really enjoying this look into all of your activities. We all appreciate the posts of any new pics/videos when you get a chance.

shanti804 said...


i know you will do a phenomenal job.

God is Love <3

Ms.Smith said...

I envy you because of your ability to travel around the world and see knew and exciting things. I think that is somthing that everyone should invest in before they leave the face of this earth. By the way I had the pleasure of shopping at the Louis store you spoke of in one of your blogs. I literally lost my mind.Anyway good luck in all of your upcoming events. Be Blessed!

Treasure said...

Awww...look at you with the "Kool-Aid" smile...Anyway, have fun. Win the race.

Anonymous said...

David, thanks for the updates... Although there's no personal connection, I am exceedingly happy for the way God has manifest an athletic greatness in you at this juncture of your career. I'm prayerful you'll continue to cultivate your God-given talent(s) as you move forward. Thanks again for the updates - I'm always entertained by what you share and the pics are a great bonus for the read - ha!


Guten Tag Mr. Oliver today is 9/11 and the weather and people are especially gloomy in nyc.: ( On a lighter note I'm looking forward to Sunday. The King is going to retire the Stuttgart stadium a champ and defeat Robels yet again. Maybe set a new record??? Almost forgot, the fins will redeem themselves. Visions of a perfect Sunday! Glück SCHÖNE

ejheat said...

It looks like you are ready for some more track competition. That green track looks like a miniture golf course. I am sure you will be going zoom-zoom there this weekend instead of putt-putt. Since you are in Stuttgart, Germany, I thought I would bring 2 funny German songs to you, David. At our German family reunions every summer in Western Pennsylvania, we sing these 2 songs Schnitzelbunk and Top-Notcher. I always enjoy singing these 2 songs. The girls get up in front and do all the directing of body parts from head to toe while singing Topnotcher because that is what the song implies and that is what they learned in their school. I love to watch the young ladies of all ages from the little girls to the young women get up there and do this. They can be your cheerleaders for your race in Germany. My favorite part of these songs is the ass kicker and Oom-Pa-Pa. I have no idea how to spell Oom-Pa-Pa but I love to say and sing it out loud. David, you are going to kick some ass in this race this weekend and I am going to yell Oom-Pa-Pa when you win. Yes, I am being silly again. By the way, I hoped you liked my cliff notes of the Dolphins game or should I say Eric notes and they were in tune. Not flat or sharp. I use to play the clarinet and sax before I got this neurological dystonia condition. I certainly miss being able to play these 2 beautiful instruments but at least I can still sing. I will not be watching the Dolphins this weekend. So, no Eric notes. They just might be getting their Oom-Pa-pa kicked. I like to get silly and laugh alot because it really helps me through my tough days and good days as well. I can get really silly when I get together with family and friends. The song Wedding Cake Island by Midnight Oil really gets me silly. This is the most funny song without words in the history of music. And lets face it,
everyone in the world has heard of this song and the group Midnight Oil. Well, probably not. My singing version and dancing to this song is hilarious.

Well, you go cut a green rug out there this weekend and it looks like from those pictures that you have spread your wings and are ready to fly over those hurdles and send the last track event off in that stadium in DO style and profile. You are so photogenic just like my 26 year old Navy hero, Harold. You and Harold have those great electryfying beautiful smiles. You and him are only a few months apart in age. I was a mentor to Harold. He is stationed over in Japan and I have not seen him in over 7 years. I am so proud of him. I miss him so much. Thank God for these computers because it keeps me in touch with Harold and you David. Like you said before, it is so awesmome how we can all be in different parts of the world and time zones and still be able to stay in touch with one another instanttaneously, as well as, all the people in our lives that we care about and love. My fingers are hurting and getting tired again so I am not going to be able to get to the Disney stuff. I will try to get to my Disney stuff somtime in future posts. Thanks again for all these blogs, pictures, videos,etc. It really means alot to me and you really even more than ever are helping me through this dystonia condtion. As always, take care and God Bless!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Promotional events, photo shoots, and press conferences "Oh My". You've come a long way baby! Continue to thank GOD through all
your successes. Green is going to be a lucky color for you. Your
going to run a good race no matter what color the track is.
Thanks for the pictures. Be safe!

Aunt Celest

Ms.Mia said...

Hey, you.
Sorry I didnt get the motivation to you today,Got real busy here at work. but Good Luck, and God's Speed on your races.


Lady1082 said...

I'll keep my post short and sweet geez. Good Luck, have fun oh and don't forget to win the race lol

Tiana said...

NIKE NIKE NIKE. Not a bad sponser to have :) you are a walking advertisement lol

J from Orlando said...

Cool pics...well Mr. Oliver, best of luck to you on this race. I know you will run your best race on Saturday. Hmmm...China, Switzerland, France, Germany, wow...I know Kissimmee and Orlando are going to seem sooo boring once you get back in town. We're going to have to do something here locally to welcome you back. Do you know if anything is being planned that maybe locals can attend?? I'd love to meet you in person. Your blog is very inspiring and fun to read. I look forward to your updates all the time. I even created a shortcut to your web page on my iphone...

QT said...

Dear God,

Give King David the gift to light up that green track like a forest fire... his success has already been claimed, we realize there's a reason his race is the last event.

The stage is set, King David will be out there prepared, prayerful and positive that you God have set that stage up for him to host the last chapter in the story of that beautiful green track...AMENZ

Tee hee, this idea came to me after reading your blog, hope it puts a smile on your face...enjoy your lap around that track, it's yours for the taking :)

Shawn said...

I am proud of your achievements. Your Grandma Dora would have been too. Hopefully, when you are back in the states you will come to SC & your family here can celebrate YOU! Truly God is with you as you compete.