Friday, September 12, 2008

Oliver/Robles: Part VI, NO GO

Well, I walked downstairs to talk to my manager, and I saw that they had released the startlists for the competition. To my surprise, the World Record holder and Olympic Champion will not be in the competition. I don't know what the reasoning is or what happened, but this is VERY disappointing. Maybe there will be more information later. It looks as if the field lines up like this: D.O., Yo-El Brown (USA), Aries Merritt (USA), Ryan Wilson (USA), Ty Akins (USA), Petr Svoboda (CZE), Marcel Van Der Westen (NED) and Andy Turner (GBR).


shanti804 said...

WOW. =| well the time will come. until then, keep doing ya thang and stay positive. you have the potential to do great things.

inspire and electrify =)

God is Love <3
- ashanti

Carla Ino said...

That's random. The Oliver vs. Robles matchups have been great to watch. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I like how you always want to race against the best, so that you will be able to really PROVE you're the best! Go D.O.:)

Treasure said...

Maybe he was tired of losing to you...had to save a little bit of face. lol

Ceccy said...

Everything will work out, stay positive...and I liked your pics from Paris, looks like you had an extraordinary time


LaLa said...

Have a great run! Where can we get autographed D.O. pics? ;)

QT said...

Disappointing I know, past athelete, but God helps see things differently by asking, are you trying to beat the best or BE the Best? So now I look at it like this....

PERFECT! He doesn't have to be there for you to break the record, right? Now all you have to compete against is offense to your teammates and others, it just is what it is!

You'll get another chance to face Robles and maybe this time as the World Record Holder! Maybe He's just preparing you...maybe it's your walk ;)

Remember your mission, it's the title of this blog, 12.85? Ironic the world record is 12.87, he's not there and now all you have is time to plan to beat time with a historical twist to it??? And it's written all over your gear...JUST DO IT...then look back at the track and say AND ONE...

Holla ;)

Miss Mooney said...

Stay focused, win the race, and worry why later...Good luck!!!!

Rhadi Ferguson said...

Bro. I tried to get in touch with you a couple of time, but I MORE than understand that you are super busy :-) I just wanted to tell you congrats and that I'm super proud of you. I'm glad that you are getting to do the "international" thing. Enjoy seeing the world because its like college goes by in a flash. I was so banged up from competition and training camps, I didn't go anywhere but to the hotel to lay down :-) Go for what you know bro and get that world record for your boy.

2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
Proud Howard Alum

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Sometimes you just have to go with
the flow. One never knows why somethings turn out the way they do. You'll met another day, and
when ever that day comes you'll be ready for him. No one could ever say that you duck the competion. You love a good challenge. Nice picture of you
and Robles. Stay safe.

Aunt Celest

K. Turner said...

David, I was utterly disappointed as well when I read your post this morning. I hope everything is ok with Robles though...nevertheless, as always, do what you do best; then enjoy the victory lap!



Scarlett said...

As far as this particular post... Aunt Celest said it best.

Seems like you need some assistance with your fantasy football. Brady is my best quarterback as well. Pretty sour with the Patties right now though after those "life goes on comments" recently relating to Brady. Hmmmmm any how, your fantasy football team is in need of help .. I got you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Keep up the hard work!! You're in my prayers! God Bless