Saturday, September 20, 2008

2008 Is A Wrap!!

The race didn't go very well, I had a lot of problems. I almost fell at the first hurdle and was all over the place for the first four or five hurdles until I got back in to a good rhythm.

This was one of the more difficult warmups I did all season, I think once I got my flight itinerary in my email a couple of days ago, I mentally checked out of the competition.

The end result was a win most importantly, the time 13.25 was decent given the circumstances and the fans were very happy, so if they like it, I love it. I got a very nice trophy to boot. The name for it is "The Cup Of The King", which is pretty appropriate, you can't make that up. The top is a solid 24 karat gold dragon, which is hot!

Now it's time to box up the 2008 season and put it on the shelf next to 2007. Wow, what a season.

I loved it here in Shanghai, it's unfortunate that I have to leave, but I'm sure I will be competing at the meet for the rest of my career.

Now on to the fun part. I have to give a shout out to the tailor at Porro & Porro for the outstanding pieces I added to my wardrobe. I had to buy another suitcase in the hotel lobby to carry all this stuff I came up on here. But the hottest thing is the monogram that I have on my shirt sleeves, absolutely killing! It should be a crime. LOL

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Ceccy said...

Awww, D.O.
I am to proud of you, you have accomplished so much and will always remain a champion. The race may have started off kind of rocky but u still made it happen. I know u can't wait to get back home and see your family and friends, which has to be exciting. But what now? Are u still going to blog us(me), like u have to answer this question in your blog its very imperative :) well I hope to talk or read about you soon.

God Bless and take care~Ceccy

David Oliver said...

Oh for sure, I'm going to be updating all year long. It might not be everyday, because when I'm at home, nothing really important goes on, but it will be updated often.

K. Turner said...

Hi David,

I was just reviewing the results online. Another win in your column as you stated despite the circumstances. Congrats on an awesome year competition wise.

I'm glad to see that you are receiving the recognition that you, as a stellar yet humble athlete deserve. Stay focused and have fun...oh and keep loving on Mom and G'ma. If you so much as stumble, I'm sure they can straighten you right out. LOL. :0)

So how long is your break before you start training for '09? Do you compete in the indoor season as well?


Kinta...oh and if you're going to take the time to get tailor made suits, etc you might as well kill it when you wear them. Else, why bother? LOL. Very nice monogram.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Congrats to you! My grandson's
team is the Dragon Elite. So when
you look at your trophy and remember the awesome year you had,
think about your eight year old
fan "Justin" who asked about you
every day. Always remember it's not how you start, but it's how you finish; and you finished on top of the game where you belong.
My concerns were the same as ceccy. Wondering when you returned to the states if you were
going to continue to blog us. I'm
glad to hear that your not throwing us to the curve. I went to Joetta Clarks banquet last night, and all my favorite athletes were there except for you. I told her that I hope next year you'll be able to come. That would really make my day. Thanks for the pictures, and thanks for a great year.

Aunt Celest

Miss Mooney said...

Congrats on a stellar year! Safe travels back to the States and enjoy some much needed R&R. I look forward to reading about the happs in Orlando :)

LaLa said...

Sigh! Just a beautiful experience all around. Post some pics of you in your new suits. Enjoy being back home.

Big Hugs

shanti804 said...

aww yayyyy for david! congrats on all your success! you did it! =)

may God continue to bless and be with in all that you do.

keep us posted with whatever exciting happening in your life.

save the date 11.04.08

God is Love <3

Anonymous said...

That's the bizness, son !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Namesake,

Congratulation on a great season. You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments on the circuit this season. I am sure that I can speak for everyone in saying that we are even more proud of how you represented yourself, family, and country outside of the field of competition.

Keep up the great work in both venues. Your success is just at its beginning.

Wanted to give you some unsolicited advice that I believe will be very beneficial to you on a number of levels. If you have an Etrade or other brokerage account, please take a moment to pick up at least 2 or 3 shares of BRK.b (if you do not already have some). Warren Buffet is the CEO of this company ( a really funny, down to earth business man with a load of integrity ). If possible reach out to Mr Buffet to see if you can meet with him. If that is not possible you may want to consider going to the annual shareholders meeting in 2009. Just as Brooks has been able to give you some valuable insights to make you a better athlete and person, Warren has the capacity to do the same on other fronts. A number of accomplished athletes and individuals have sought the guidance and advice of Mr Buffet including Lebron James, Alex Rodriguez.

Just want to make sure that the success that you experience on the field are magnified long after you retire your spikes.

Books that you may want to consider reading during your off season include "The Millionare Next Door", and the "Essays of Warren Buffet (written by a schoolmate that attended the boarding school for fatherless boys that I attended in Philly..,also the book that Warren thinks represents his thoughts and approach best).

Hope to run into you at Homecoming!

Stay healthy and focused!

QT said...

God helped ya keep it together I'm sure!! He can't let his own drop off after such a wonderful run in 2008 right? Keep it pushin on His path and all else will follow! Congratulations on your win today.

Monogram is super hot...there's no place like Hong Kong, Shanghai and the Phillipines when it comes to custom gear. I feel your excitement, you did good though only havin to get one more bag. Happy to see you didn't turn into Monogram shirt man. Instead just gonna tease em with it huh? lol

A final congrats for 2008; thank you for the humor, the stories, the great pics and mostly the inspiration. I blew my ACL years back and was too stubborn to get it fixed so I could go back to soccer and track. Instead I hit "Corporate America" up for some G's ;)

Today, you motivated me to get my lazy behind out the bed after a super long week with work. Sat am's are reserved for my UCLA workout (yes I boo them every time I hit the campus, but their track is really nice). This am, I just wasn't feeling it. I handled it though.

Well, enjoy the flight, push the button and relax as you reflect on all that you have accomplished and become in life. I am sure God has a lot waiting for you at home and in the future. Stay fine, kind and humble...

Many blessings, QT

Coach said...

thank you david for sharing your season. It gave insite on what kind of competitor you really are. You are pretty fierce!

you still never answered my question about the ice bath though.

Anonymous said...

Hey David I must say what a great season. Congrats on your Olympic medal and I'm surely looking forward to hearing and seeing great things from you next year. Proud of you. Enjoy your time of and have some fun. You deserve it.

Take care...Lavern

RoyceLyndsay said...

im sure u noticed we kicked yalls A$$ today! OMG u should be embarrassed! Just had to mess with u real quick. Peeeacceeee! FAMU FAMU Fam got D@mn U alright alright alright!

Taraneh Christine said...

Mr. Olympian,

It's been so fun reading the blogs and knowing all the fun and exciting things you have been doing the past few months.

Since being back in school finishing up my masters, I tend to drift to David Oliver! Your Mission to see what's going on.... so thank you for getting me through the first few dreadful weeks of school :)

I run my marathon next sunday the 28th and I want to thank you for always being so motivating and uplifting on your blogs........ I've had moments where my body feels like it's falling apart during training and then I think of you and all the training you do everyday.

Congrats again on a great season!
Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures.

Taraneh :)

Lady Tee said...

Congrats on a great season! Enjoy your time off.

Snowflake said...

Your cuff game is real! You better patent that before you come back to the states!!!
Haha...I had to listen to "Change Clothes" after seeing that. Luv it!!

Congrats on an Amazing season!!!

Anonymous said...

(You're the Best!)


Claude said...


1. Anonymous Namesake (AN) is thinkig like I am thinking. I always knew from your freshman year on that you would reach the point where you now are athletically. You can only build on this successful season.

2. I also agree with AN in that you are now at a point where you have to start thinking about the business side of sport and what happens to you after your mid-30s (the age where world class athletes reachthe end of their competitive days). The advice about reaching out to Mr. Buffett was good. But, there are others out there who might be able to serve as business and career role models. Being taken under the mentorship of Mr. Buffett would be great. However, if this is not possible, go to plan "B." That is taking the initiative and finding someone you feel comfortable with and respect.

3. The next few years will offer unlimited opportunities for you as an athlete and as a person, you have to position yourself to take advantage of these.

4. Finally, see the're honoring you and Lance at Homecoming this year! Who would have ever thought in 2000 that this would be happening and so soon after graduation. I'm proud of you my man. Now, all we need to do is win the football game! Congrats on a great season.


tme301 said...


Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I also want to congratulate your team for beating New England. Today would have been a perfect day if Dallas would have lost!!!!

:( ...............

Take care and don't kill em' too bad with the suits and the monogrammed shirts. When you get to the States, we all know that "no one in Orlando is gonna have a swagga like yours." :)

Carla Ino said...

Congratulations on completing such a successful season, and thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us out here in cyber-world. Have a safe trip back to the US!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your 2008 Season. I see you are still showing out!

Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing!

Your fan,
Reality from the ATL :)

CeeCee said...

Congrats on a great season D.O., and thanks for sharing your story. It's been a great read! Enjoy your offseason...but not too much. I look forward to you reaching the 12.85 mark or below down the road.

Oh and since we don't match up during the regular season, I guess I can wish you good luck with the Dolphins. For me, it will always be "Geaux Saints!!!"

Take Care,
CeeCee (aka - Creole Chic)