Friday, September 19, 2008

Shanghai Welcome Dinner/Pre-Meet

Liu Xiang and Yao Ming hosted a welcome dinner out on the Shanghai harbor, we were suppose to be on a yacht, but Yao was too tall to fit on the boat and there was a change of plan.

It was great, they brought me and select other athletes out on the red carpet, I autographed a big poster and did an quick interview with the host for the crowd and media that was present. It was tight, flash bulbs were popping, my type of thing.

Everybody was commenting on how "dressed up" I was, which to me was insane, I had on the same jeans I've been wearing all summer long since I started traveling some two-plus months ago and some all black Nike 360's I've been wearing the same amount of time. I guess that freshly tailor made shirt had them going!

Inside, it was more pictures. Before dinner, everyone was just hanging out playing paparazzi, everyone posing for pictures. I had a great time before dinner started, joking around and just being me.

Dinner tasted great and Liu and Yao were great hosts. This is my first trip to this meet and it is easily the best meet on the entire circuit hands down. The food is the best, they treat you the best, the people are great, I can get suits and shirts made in the hotel lobby (I've run my tally up to seven shirts, three suits and three ties), they rolled out the red carpet literally for your boy and I'm sure the stadium will be jam packed and rocking tomorrow!

Me and Bell
The host Liu and I

For the meet, I'm just going to use the K.I.S.S. method: Keep It Simple Stupid! I learned that one in the School of Business at Howard. I want to close the season the same way I opened it up, with a sub-13 performance and most importantly a win. Let's hope for the best


McLean Cromer said...

Can you believe I went to wrk today with out the BB!!! I feel naked....I am definitely not dominating the "communication" zone.LOL! Do your thing out there in Shanghai!!! Tailored shirt looks good...don't tink we gonna be wearing suits everywhere now...LOL! M.O.S!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you D.O. but you have to spell're an Olympian now :) I'm not trying to hate , trust me. There is a difference between good and bad criticism. If no one tells you, you'll never notice. Feel me?

Much Love.

kiki said...

I don't know what they were thinking with the "dressed up" comment :) You did look nice, but it's Shanghai. Next time I think you have to be more formal....which I am sure that you will be with those tailor mades! Bell definitely needs an uprgrade. I give him points for the slacks, but that shirt has got to go! lol.

Tiana said...

How tall is he? It kinda doesn't make sense to me because there is always a deck right? And if you guys are eating he would be sitting down. I don't get it. I doubt basketball players don't go to places because the ceilings are too low :) LMAO

Mundi said...

Hey David. I see your still doing great things. Good for you. Look and sounds like you are having a blast. As you should be. I see you still have some stalker fans! :) Thought I would drop you a line. Hope all is well. Take care. Peace. Mundi

Eboni said...

You are a very handsome man! Straight FINE!

shanti804 said...

you clean up good. ;) glad u had a great time.

my biology teacher used to tell us K.I.S.S.

keep rocking!

God is Love <3


Ew wee you should live in those shirts! China has you full octane it seems, clearly with good reason .

Best of luck on your close out. Keep it simple that's more appropriate.

Cherie said...

Looking kinda spiffy there D.O.
Have fun in Shanghai, I hope you find a charger for your camera :)

Miss Mooney said...

Hope you have a great race tomorrow D.O.! Best wishes♥

Anonymous said...

Lookin' mighty fine Mr. Oliver, Good luck on your race tomorrow.

KM Johnson in MPLS

ejheat said...

I am glad to see that you are having a great week in China. I have had a bad week especially when it comes to my dystonia condition. I certainly need many things right now to pick my spirits up, and David, your helping hand always helps me big time through these tough days. Go out there this weekend and end your great season on that winning note big time. Your winning note is 1 great tune I love.
I think I will stay away from being 1 of your fashion critics. I know absolutely nothing about fashion. You love the camera and the camera loves you. Whatever you wear, I am sure you will find a way to make it look good on you.
My fashion is from Wal-Mart and Kohl's. Whatever I can get a good price that I like and think looks good for me. I guarantee most people could never guess which clothes I wear are from these 2 stores. I could care less about all that brand name stuff from all those big time upscale stores like Macy's and Dillard's. I have the K.I.S.S. theory when it comes to clothes and fashion. The pictures are great as usual and I can see why you say this is the best place for a meet. They really do treat you like King David with the red carpet treatment for sure. DO it again and again this weekend!!!! LOL!!!!