Sunday, September 7, 2008

Post Meet Dinner/Afterparty

Like I said in the previous post, the meeting organization set up for us to have a nice dinner and after party at a place called L'Etoile. The place was right off the Champs D'Elysees, right around the corner from the Arc D'Triumph.

Before we got from our hotel in the Port D'Orleans section of town, they had us on a couple of double decker buses and we toured around the city and the main places of interest in Paris.

Le Tour D'Eiffel of course
Arc D'Triumph

The biggest Louis Vuitton store in the world! Of course I'm going to go tear that down before I leave.
The dinner was nice, it was more of a typical European cuisine. I wasn't in to it very much, so you know my motto, when all else fails, find a McDonalds. I found one about a five minute walk from where we were and the whole U.S. team had eaten there by the end of the night.

It was a very fun time. Intermingling with the athletes from the other countries and just spending time hanging out with your friends from the team is always a fun break from doing what we do on a regular basis.

Coach Karen Dennis from Ohio State was the women's coach.

My main man Steve Simmonds was the men's team coach, he use to run those sticks back in his day.


Anonymous said...

LV huh? Can I get some? lol

Tiana said...

I'm just thinking about which Louis carry-on bag you need to bring me back. Although I'm sure you have a lucky lady ("Bren") who's already got yo suitcase full, lol...if there's room tho sneak me back a little somethin

Carla Ino said...

Okay, I fell out laughing at you finding the closest Golden Arches. Clearly I would've done the same thing. It's always nice to sample the local cuisine, but there's nothing like some french fries to make me feel right at home.

Many congrats on the outcome of the meet. I am digging the concept of the team-decathalon (did I spell that right?). Do you have any videos from the event?

Finally -- Tom Brady went down with a knee injury today. What will this do to your fantasy football standings??

Lady Tee said...

We always have to be thankful for those good ol' golden arches! lol If all else fails McDonalds will come thru in the clutch! Congrats on the meet... you've been doin your thing. Where's your next destination?

GodsPeach said...

There's nothing like a Mickey Ds Sweet Tea and the dollar menu! You took some really good pictures. After seeing your photos, I'm wondering if photography is a new hobby?!

Paris is breathtaking! The Louis Vuitton store is to die for. Since I love LV, I understand your need to do a shack down! LOL. I'm glad the US team took 1st did your thing! Be safe as you venture to the next race.

Miss Mooney said...

You are such a junk food addict(i.e. McDonald's, Krispy Kreme)! That's what fall training is for huh? LOL Have fun raiding the LV store!!
~BTW read my post for today, think you'll enjoy ;D

shanti804 said...

LOL what's wrong with French food? i know that its weird but you have to try new things.

congrats on everything and don't spend too much money at LV. ;) [though can you hook a sista up? =D]

much love <3

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Mickey D's when all else fails he'll always come through. Glad to see you had some down time. Your picture really came out nice
this time. Almost as good as minds. Everyone loves Louis Vuitton. I know your goint to pick-up something nice for your mother and sister. Your such a good son, brother, and uncle. Once again, thank for the tour of
France. Where are we going next?
When will you be back in the states?

Aunt Celest

Anonymous said...

That LV store is no joke! I went by it a few years ago but I was too scared to go in b/c I was looking like a straight bum lol. To be David Oliver for a day...

Lady1082 said...

I bet you were cheesing hard when you spotted that McDonalds LOL. I know I would have been jumping around acting a hot mess for some hot fries and sweet tea. The LV store would have me spending my life savings and max out a few credit cards along with it. Oh Congrats on winning the Bronze metal at the 2008 Olympics. I know you must be so proud of yourself.

P.S. You have a beautiful smile and I hope you continue to be successful in everything you do.

ejheat said...

I guess that French cuisine is getting a little old by now and your real delicious appetite is at McDonalds. I live within walking distance of a McDonalds. But I want to know what about Burger King. After all, you are the king of Paris now and can you imagine seeing one of those Burger King commercials with the king dressed up jumping over the hurdles. This would be a classic. I only go to Burger King when they send buy one get one free coupons in the mail. You should see their faces when I go through the drive thru use my coupons and pay with coins including pennies. it is priceless. I get silly from time to time and thought I would have some fun with you today. It looks like you found your magical camera out of your magical bag and really made some magical photo moments. I love these awesome photos and it is awesome to see your electrifying great smile again. Keep it coming your royal magesty! DO Rules !!!!


mary said...

Ok, so I haven't commented yet because I am just learning this blog thing! So sorry for the better late than neva comment...

The "Americatown" comment, I have been on the floor laughing every time I think about it! That was some funny ish!!! For real, you are halarious, thanks for putting a smile on my face, needed that.

Your travels have been fun to read about and your continued success amazing, congrats to you!! May God keep his hands on you forever.

p.s. may need to borrow your Americatown joke :)

ejheat said...

By the way, I think I made a mistake and spelled magesty with a g instead of majesty with a j. So, this one is for you Mr. Royal Majesty. I got to make sure I made this right for you King David. DO RULES !!!!


LaLa said...

SIGH...(wish I was there) XO

Ms.Mia said...

Morning Chipmunk :)

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There are some achievements that may take a lifetime to reach. Yet at any point along the way, from the very moment you begin, you can know fulfillment.

Reaching any goal is a matter of commitment, discipline, intention and effort. Fulfillment itself is immediate, for it is a matter of knowing that you are living true to your highest purpose.

Do not become trapped by measuring success based on what you've already done or failed to do. Learn to see that success is entirely a function of how you are feeling and thinking and acting right now.

Your past cannot hold you back and your future cannot intimidate you, unless you allow it. This moment has every possibility of being the most fulfilling time you've ever known.

Your life is infinitely more wonderful than any possession or event or circumstance that you can imagine. And somewhere inside, you know it.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, hope you have a fun time in the way it's coach Karen athlete the one you met in Paris.
Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Ms.Mia said...

Hey, one more thing. How old is your Nephew? I have a box full of winter boys clothes brand new with tags on them, for 3T. My bestfriend was a designer at Carter's the company that makes kids clothes, and she would get clothes for free, they have been sitting in my closet for a year.
It's like sweaters,long sleeve polo's and some sweatpants. It's like 20 pieces.

LaLa said...

It's time to edit your Wikipedia page with your favorite picture and blog address for all the world to appreciate! :)

Cybercecily said...


I work for the french athletics association which organized the SEAT DecaNation last saturday. I'm happy that you felt good during your french travel and i hope you'll be back for the next season for the Meeting SEAT in february, 13th and make the show like you did last saturday ! And for SEAT DecaNation 2009 of course!
See you in 2009!

Treasure said...

Okay that Louis Vuitton store is CRAAAAZZZZYYYY right?!! Beats the hell outta' the one in the Beverly center in Cali. lol...Anyway congrats on everything...You look handsome in the pics.

Chanell said...

Ok, I felt a tear run down my face when I saw that LV I don't blame u, i would be tearing that store down to! lol

Cindy said...

Love these Paris photos!