Monday, September 8, 2008

Disneyland Paris

Yesterday, a few of the U.S. team that will remain in Paris for a variety of days, headed out to Disneyland Paris. My favorite throwers, Aretha Thurmond and Kristin Heaston were there along with Aretha's son Theo (2020 Olympic hurdle champion), Mechelle Lewis, the worlds greatest athlete, Hyleas Fountain and myself.

In Orlando, I train at Disney everyday. Basically, I go there everyday. I have yet to spend time in the theme parks there.

I woke up late and hit lunch, everybody hit me with "D.O. you want to hit Disney?" I was like "Yeah, sure I'm not going to do nothing today anyway." So I had basically ten minutes to shower and get dressed because they were ready to leave.

It was about an hour train ride there. We spent from about 3pm until the park closed at 9pm out there. We rode several rides, ate and just had a good time. I'm glad I rolled out and experienced some more stuff in Paris.

Here's a few pics:


My favorite throwers and young Theo

Aretha definitely caught us slipping before this pic! I don't know what was so funny.Ride action

Hyleas was throwing water on your boy in that previous pic, so I caught her slipping and double knotted that hoodie on her while she was tearing this ice cream up.

Space Mountain had the best ride in the entire parkI basically finished the day off with a chocolate crepe, it was banging too!

By the time we left there, me and baby Theo was about on the same mission, tap city! All of our eyes were heavy on the train ride back. It was so much fun, I'm really glad I went out.

Today, didn't have very much going on, just had a good hurdle training session. The meet organization is still taking very good care of us, they made sure we got a car to the track and everything set up there. I think only Hyleas, Kristin and myself are still here, I need to find them to see what we are going to do about dinner.


Treasure said...

Looks like fun....I haven't been to Disneyland since...Hmmm...Guess Grad night in High school. After looking at the pics, maybe I'll take a trip back to "the happiest place on Earth" soon...They're not up on the chocolate crepes at theme parkes outside of Europe though so I'll have to settle for a churro...Anyway, nice pics. Thank you for posting.

shanti804 said...

awww DISNEYYYYY! i wanna go back. so is the Paris one better than the ones in the States.

glad you had fun though and lil theo is soooo adorable. -pinches his lil cheeks-

Carla Ino said...

Ummm, I'm wondering if anyone else was gonna call you out about taking a picture of the Space Mountain shot, instead of buying the little 5x9 joker they have for sale. The little "1015" totally gave you away. lol!!

Ironically, since I moved to Florida last year, I've visited every theme park EXCEPT Disney. My friends think it's too "kiddie", but I think it's good to let that side run loose every once in awhile. Great pics -- I'm glad you had such a great time!


Hyleas is rocking the Kenny from South Park look.

Tiana said...

It's a!

McLean Cromer said...

So you had to go clear across the world to make it to Disneyland....and you can throw a javelin and hit Mickey from where you practice! LOL. Glad you are having a good time...I holla at you later..

P.S. I hope you didnt get any "crepes" on the BB!!!

Lady1082 said...

You practice at Disney and you have never been to the parks??? I should kick you j/k, I paid soooo much money to hit those parks up and you walk right by them for free every day. Anywho, nice pictures look like you had a nice time at Disney (all the way in Paris) lol.

The Disney parks in Florida are ok, I visited for the first time last year. Some of the parks are strictly meant for families with small children. I had more fun at Universal Studios/ Island of Adventure than anything else.


LaLa said...

So glad to see your having fun! I have plans to do Disney World for the first time in Feb. 2009. Yummy chocolate crepes, maybe I'll get them in the France section of the park! Loved that pic of you guys on Space Mountain.

Claude said...

Heretofore it's been David, but now knowing you live in Orlando and have never been to Deisney World, well it's D.O. until you hit Disney Orlando. I'm going on 62 and have hit Disney maybe 10-12 times. It's one of my favorite places and I've been around the world. In fact, I'd take Epcot Center over nearly everywhere (excluding Paris of course). Do yourself a favor and go over to Disney on your next day off. Later D.O.


Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

I'm so glad your having fun. Disney is for all ages; it's were everyone can always be a kid. I can't believe that you practice
at Disney and you never taken the
time to go to the park. You have
to go to Universal Park, and go
on the back to the future ride.
I loved Sea World too. In July
were coming to Disney for a youth
age group meet. Sure would be nice to see you there. The kids
would really get a kick out of that. After the meet were going
to stay for a couple of day, and
take the kids to Disney, Universal
Studio, and Sea World. Your welcome to hang out with us. I'll make sure that the kids won't
blow your cover, and tell the world who you are (smile).
Take Care,

Aunt Celest

K. Turner said...

Hi David,

It's good to see that you are taking the time to enjoy every free moment that you can even while in the midst of competition. were missed on the Oprah show today!! :0)

Miss Mooney said...

Feeding that face again! LOL Thanks for sharing the pics...Did you think to pick up a Mikey for me? Well actually I like Goofy a little better :D

Tamika said...

Wow! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I am actually going to Disney World, the end of this month. Hope I have as much fun as you.

eclectik said...

You are so damn lucky to get to hang out with Hyleas
...I could only imagine

I would love to...