Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Athletissima 2008 Lausanne Men's 110m Hurdles

Oliver 13.02
Robles 13.17
Phillips 13.45
Wilson 13.53
Wignall 13.56
Brown 13.58
Van Der Westen 13.66
Akins 13.67


Anonymous said...

Robles was not a happy camper LOL . . .

Your focus is on point! Again, congratulations and thanks for posting the race!

P.S. Don't allow the media to dictate who you are . . .just keep doing what you are doing and let your actions speak volume!!!

Your fan,
Reality from the ATL :)

Alana Skye said...

Wow!! Congrats on your win! Hard work yields great results. Keep it up!

Elect Lady... said...

Robles actually looked like someone pulled the plug on him. But you were right there with him the entire time. And thanks so much for posting the race. Stay focused and continue to do what you do best. Humility and grace opens many doors that raw talent cannot...

Grace & Peace...

shanti804 said...

way to go! just know that america is proud and KEEP ROCKING! :)

you can do it!

your fan alwayyyss

ashanti from richmond,va ;)

LaLa said...

Go David Putcha Thang Down!!

Candice said...

well done your determenation&your drive to succeed paid off.You should be very pleased with yoursel.Well done Champ xx