Monday, September 1, 2008

Fantasy Football

Well, my favorite time of the year is about to kick off! College football has already started, and the NFL is right around the corner. With that, fantasy football is about to start too.

I have played fantasy football for the past three season, it is really something for me to do during the fall. There is no competitions going on for me personally, so I find a way to keep those competitive juices flowing. I don't play video games, this is the closest thing to a video game I play I guess.

I was the champion in 2006, but last year, my team really struggled. We suffered a whole lot of key injuries and I found myself scouring the wavier wire every week trying to find somebody that might hit that week.

In my league, I play alongside 11 other teams. Those teams are filled with most of my close friends, you have Kelvin, Aub-Zilla, my brother Lee, Shep, Murph, McLean, Nigel and Bo. The other teams are friends of those friends that I don't know very well. We had our on line draft yesterday evening for me and we had a good time in the draft lobby.

Here is the team I picked (round in parenthesis):

QB: Tom Brady (1), Matt Schaub (8)
RB: Willis McGahee (2), Jamal Lewis (3), Jonathan Stewart (7), Chris Johnson (17)
WR: Roy Williams (4), Santana Moss (9), Patrick Crayton (13), Sidney Rice (16)
TE: Dallas Clark (5), Greg Olsen (14)
Defense: Vikings (6), Colts (10)
K: Josh Brown (12)
P: Ryan Plackemeir (18)
Head Coach: Colts (11), Seahawks (15)

I don't really like my wide receiver position, but I don't put very much stock in them because they are a dependent position, they can hit or miss too often. Roy Williams is probably the only one who will be on the roster by season's end.

I think I got some steals with Jonathan Stewart (CAR) and Chris Johnson (TEN), the two rookies that I believe will end up being the starters for their teams by the middle of the season.

I'm calling myself the early Superbowl favorite this season.


ejheat said...

Hey David thanks for your kind words. It is amazing that you have heard about this dystonia condition, so few people have. I am very curious to know how you are so familiar with this condition. This is certainly a blessing from God for me that you understand what I am going through on a day to day basis. God does sure work in mysterious ways. I am glad I touched your life today because I feel that touching peoples lives are the best feeling in the world. I always say that even though this dystonia condition has taken away from me physically, it can never take away from what I feel in my heart and soul.

Now to football. My favorite time of the year, too. As I sit here typing this from my home in Lakeland,FL, I just got done listening to the Lakeland High School football team go up to Wheeling, WV and beat Pittsburgh,PA Central Catholic 35-0 Pittsburgh Central Catholic is the high school of Dan Marino. I remember reading you are a Dolphins fan. Pittsburgh is my hometown and I am a Steelers fan and I pull for the Buccaneers, too, but always Steelers first. Also, I am a Penn State alum, so I am a big PSU football fan. I see you take your fantasy football seriously. I have never played fantasy football, but I do know alot about football and players in the league and I hope you win. I will have much more football to talk about in the coming days,weeks, and months. I just heard Jerry Lewis sing his famous last song at the end of his MDA telethon, You Never Walk Alone and it was a very emotional moment. Wow, what a day this has been! You never walk alone David, because I am going to walk alongside you always and forever. Again, thanks for caring about me and responding and I will continue to be in touch and hopefully someday down the road we will be able to meet each other in person. That would be extra special for me.


LaLa said...

People are talking Fantasy Football in the office, it seems to get the men folk foaming at the mouth.

J from Orlando said...

I told you, I'd end up signing up on here eventually. I didn't get to it last night, but I did it now. I keep looking forward to your next blog every day, this is exciting.
That is great that you participate in fantasy football. I do also, this will be my 2nd year doing it. It's tough for me though, being the only female on my team, I'm not that well informed about player stats and all other factors to make the best picks/choices. I do enjoy watching the games, but I could never watch as many games as most of my guy friends watch. I do it because it is fun, it gives me extra reason to check how all the games & players did every week because it might help me or break me on that week's matchup.

Good luck with your fantasy football team too!


tme301 said...

Well, I'm glad you have a little bit of confidence in Santana Moss. As a Redskin fan I have confidence in him as well. Patrick Crayton looks kind of iffy to me, but I could be a little biased because he is a cowboy. However, I know you can't be biased when playing fantasy football. I'm very intense when it comes to football, however I have never played fantasy football. I was very surprised that you did'nt choose Adrian Peterson as one of your running backs, but who knows what type of year he is having. No doubt, he had a good one last year. Have you guys picked a commissioner? Oh, and I have Jacksonville's defense looking pretty decent this yet, but you really can't tell by preseason performance. Maybe one day I'll brave up and join a fantasy team.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Thanks for sharing your pick with your number one loyal fan. I'm
a fair weather fan when it comes to football. What ever team Ted
coaches is the team I cheer for.
Currently, he coaching the Vikings
so this year I'm a Vikings fan. Is Aub the guy that was with you at Penns when you fixed my camera?
If so, please tell him "Hello". I was looking for him at the Olympics, but didn't see him. Did he make it? Hope I didn't miss him. If he didn't make it please tell him not to give up,
try again. Do you have any meets
coming up, and if so where? Are you still abroad or are you
home? Will you get a chance to rest? The pictures that you posted of your family was full of
love. You could see it in everyone eyes. I know your hole
family is very proud of you. Stay
humbe, and blessed.

Aunt Celest

Coach said...

I hope that McGahee has a good year. Can't wait for kickoff this week. FREE MICHAEL VICK!

Brandon said...

This is my 1st year in a Yahoo Leauge. . .I couldn't participate in the draft, but the computer did a pretty good job for me. . .Marion Barber & Clinton portis as my running backs. . .Fitzgerald as one of my wide outs. . .I can't complain!

Eb the Celeb said...

you have some good WR's... PC is going to have a good season... I just feeling it... and not because I am a diehard cowboys fan either... he really has to step up... with glenn gone he is officially our starter alongside TO... Sam Hurd, our #3 receiver who I feel should have beat PC out for the starting gig is out for a couple weeks with a high ankle strain and all our back ups have minimal experience with Miles Davis out for 4 weeks too.

I'm in 2 regular leagues and one IDP league. I played for the first time last year in the defense league and I think I like it more than the regular league...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Now, I agree. Chris Johnson will do big things this season. Here is why. Lendale was protected by Norman, and now that he is gone somebody is going to have step up, but from the looks of it his work ethic won't improve overnight. So, Chris Johnson is probably gonna start against Houston. He'll break through and be something like a PacMan, but on offense. Explosive!