Saturday, September 6, 2008

DecaNations Results

This meet went as to planned. I didn't run fast, only 13.42, but I won by three tenths of a second. The French guy came second and everybody else ran 14 seconds. They only supplied us with two hurdles for the warm-up, so I didn't get a sufficient enough warm-up for my liking, so I decided I was not going to push it too hard in the race. I got out and ran well for half the race, then went in to a bit of a shut down mode. I got us the seven points for the win, that was the most important thing.

As a team, we won the meet, Germany was second, they did very well in both pole vault events and France was third. We had some good results individually as far as wins. The times were not so impressive as we were dealing with some tough headwinds in certain instances.

I love this competition, I found myself screaming my lungs out for my other teammates, this is the true meaning of competition as a team. The fans here are great, they really loved me. I received more of an applause than the French runner did. Afterwards I took all the time it needed to sign all the autographs and take all the pictures. I even threw my uniform top in to the crowd. I had an awesome time out there. I think that the sport of track and field would be better off if they had more team scoring type events.

Now they are throwing us a big dinner down on the Champs-Elysees, it should be fun, I will definitely remember to bring my camera (allegedly).

Team Trophy


shanti804 said...


congrats on the win and

[hannah montana] KEEP ROCKING![/hannah montana]


ejheat said...

Congrats on your win and team USA win. You did it again, DO, DO DO, DO!!!! I am glad you did not push it and risk injury or something with hamstring, etc. The record is not important and I would have loved to see you going crazy while cheering on your teammates. Sounds like you had a ball of fun out there. I am sure the person who got your uniform top was very excited and happy, as well as, all the autographs and pictures you took the time for the people. I wish I was one of those lucky people. Hopefully, I will be someday. Also, the French people loving you and cheering louder than the French guy is so cool. I love the picture of the USA team with the trophy. Enjoy your dinner. I know your excited about eating all that delicious food. Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris and I look forward to those pictures coming from your camera that is stuck in your bag. Pull that camera out of your magical bag and let the magic begin to happen. Take care my friend and much love to you always!!!!


Treasure said...

That's great; I knew you'd win. You're focused and that's what's up...I'm still waiting on the romance though! lol

Miss Mooney said...

Congrats on your race even though you felt it wasn't your best.Big congrats to the entire team USA. It's great that you have love internationally as well as state side! You've been running since Bejiing. Do you feel burned out yet?

LaLa said...

I'm happy for you. Now don't eat yourself sick with all that tasty french cuisine!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your win way to represent the us!!!!! keep doing your thing

fellow east angel

Jenise said...

I admire your attitude...seems like you are really living life to the fullest. Many people's lives are being touched by you in a positive way. I read your blog b/c it shows hard work, endurance, dedication, goals, struggles, achievements, disappointments, etc. No matter what a person does they still are faced with these same feelings. How we handle these feelings are what sets us apart from others. "I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."
- Martha Washington
Stay Positive!!!

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Mathilde said...

Well done, David!

Elect Lady... said...

As a rollover from your previous post...I was wondering if you were indeed invited to be a part of Oprah's Olympic Homecoming celebration. Then, I considered the timing and said unless they stream him via satellite, which with Oprah is possible, I don't think he'll make it back for taping. Nevertheless, with your continued success, to be sure this will not be your last invitation to the Oprah Show. Many applauds to you for choosing to stay focused on your charted course. Your comments about the deposits into the good BOA?...very funny; but your thought process behind it is on point! :0)

Cheers...and congrats on another well deserved win!


David Oliver said...

Miss Mooney-

I've been going hard since before Beijing. I haven't been home since the middle of July. I don't feel burnt out, what you think fall training is for!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Congrats on your win, and to the entire USA team. I love how you keep your fans informed of your accomplishments, and the accomplishment of the USA team.
You have as much joy for their win as you do for your
owe. I'm glad you had the forsight not ot push it, and risk
a possible injury. Your record will come in time. As for the French cheering for you more than
their fellow country men, you know
what's that's about(smile). A good looking man is a good looking
man no matter what they are. You look good going over those hurdles, and you look good on and
off the field. You look good in uniform, and in street clothes. You represent what an educated,
intelligent, respectful, humble, physicaly fit, black man is
all about. Your just to humble to
know it, or say it, but Aunt Celest can (smile). Thanks for the picture of the USA team with the trophy. Have a great time at the dinner party. Don't worry about not making to Ophrah's show.
You'll get there and you won't have to share the stage with 100 plus athletes (smile).

Aunt Celest

Anonymous said...

Go Bison